Why Jordan Pickford will not receive the Golden Glove award at EURO 2020 despite keeping 5 clean sheets?

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    Jordan Pickford and his international team England is in great form in Euro 2020. They won the semi-final in EURO 2020 against Denmark and will now play Italy in the final on 11th July, at 12:30 am IST.

    Pickford is the goalkeeper with the most number of clean sheets in Euro 2020 with 5 till now. Pickford has been rock solid for England under the bars and only Danish player Damsgaard has been able to score a goal against England from a freekick. If England doesn’t concede a goal in the final with Italy then the number of clean sheets will be 6.

    Italy are unbeaten since 2018 so it will be hard for England’s Pickford to keep a clean sheet.

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    However, Pickford will not be awarded the Golden Glove award because UEFA doesn’t give out the Golden Glove award. Usually, the Golden Glove award is given to the goalkeeper who has the most clean sheets in any tournament or any league. Unofficially Pickford has the most number of clean sheets in Euro 2020. Although he won’t be getting the recognization, we should give him the respect he deserves.

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    Here are Top 5 list of Goalkeepers in the EURO 2020:

    1. Jordan Pickford

    Team: England
    Goals conceded: 1
    Clean sheets: 5
    Saves: 11

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    2. Gianluigi Donnarumma

    Team: Italy
    Goals conceded: 3
    Clean sheets: 3
    Saves: 9

    3. Thibaut Courtois

    Team: Belgium
    Goals conceded: 3
    Clean sheets: 3
    Saves: 14

    4. Tomáš Vaclík

    Team: Czech Republic
    Goals conceded: 4
    Clean sheets: 2
    Saves: 14

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    5. Robin Olsen

    Team: Sweden
    Goals conceded: 4
    Clean sheets: 2
    Saves: 12

    The 6 awards that are given out to the players at EURO 2020:

    1. Player of the tournament 
    2. Golden Boot 
    3. Silver Boot 
    4. Bronze boot
    5. Young Player of the tournament
    6. Team of the tournament
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