Wayne Rooney could have a boxing debut and face Jake Paul

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    Wayne Rooney had a glorious football career and is surely one of the best in recent times. Now, things might take a turn as the Englishman might try his luck in boxing. 

    It would surely be a drastic change since he has a beautiful career with top teams like Manchester United and Everton in the Premier League, including the England national team.

    Wayne Rooney might try his luck as Boxer; face Jake Paul in his debut

    Wayne Rooney’s destiny might lead him to get attached to the sport he has always been a big fan of. According to promoter Eddie Hearn, Wayne Rooney might have an excellent career in boxing, at least with exhibitions. 

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    Reportedly, Rooney’s first competitor might also be mentioned. 

    Football fans will remember how the England legend was problematic in the initial days of his career, but he got back on track under Sir Alex Ferguson after arriving at United. Hence, the seeming debut opponent of the footballer could be the famous Youtuber turned boxer, Jake Paul. It might be a new opportunity for ‘The Problem Child’, who just had his first defeat in seven fights. 

    What does the legendary English player want to box?

    Wayne Rooney is a big boxing fan, and that’s the main reason why he wants to come to it and got in touch with Hearn to look for a fight. 

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    Hearn revealed that the former footballer has reached out to him before too, but he mostly did so while drinking. So, he didn’t pay much attention to it. 

    However, things look a bit different this time and it could be set for the stage between Ronney vs Paul. The fight could be scheduled at the legendary Old Trafford Stadium, which was Ronney’s home during his sensational professional tenure at the Manchester United.

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