Virat Kohli IPL Salary Journey: Unveiling Records, Brand Value, and 2024 Earnings

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    Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli stands as a beacon of success in the Indian Premier League (IPL), dominating with the most runs and earning accolades aplenty


    Let’s have a look into more details : Virat Kohli IPL Salary Journey

    Virat Kohli’s Salary in IPL 2024

    As the face of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) since the inaugural season in 2008, Virat Kohli’s loyalty to the team is unwavering. Despite having players with higher paychecks in the squad, Kohli holds the title of the most valuable player for the franchises. In the upcoming IPL 2024, his salary is an impressive Rs 15 Crore, a testament to his cricketing prowess and leadership.

    Virat Kohli’s Total IPL Income

    However, Kohli’s income transcends the boundaries of IPL contracts. Being a cricketing brand, his financial portfolio includes substantial earnings from brand endorsements. In total, Virat Kohli rakes in approximately Rs 1.732 billion from IPL alone, underlining his significance beyond the cricket pitch.

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    Virat Kohli’s IPL Salary Across Seasons

    Here’s Virat Kohli IPL salary in all seasons

    Rs. 1.2 million2008
    Rs. 1.2 million2009
    Rs. 1.2 million2010
    Rs. 82.2 million2011
    Rs. 82.2 million2012
    Rs. 82.2 million2013
    Rs. 125 million2014
    Rs. 125 million2015
    Rs. 125 million2016
    Rs. 125 million2017
    Rs. 170 million2018
    Rs. 170 million2019
    Rs. 170 million2020
    Rs. 170 million2021
    Rs. 150 million2022
    Rs. 150 million2023

    Virat Kohli’s Net Worth

    The cricketing maestro boasts a net worth of 1050 crore INR, surpassing former skipper MS Dhoni to become the second richest Indian cricketer. While trailing behind his idol Sachin Tendulkar, Kohli’s net worth solidifies his stature as one of the wealthiest in the cricketing realm.

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    As we delve into Virat Kohli’s incredible IPL journey, it’s more than just numbers. It’s a reflection of his influence, both on the field and in the financial realm of cricket.

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    1. What is Virat Kohli’s IPL salary for 2024?

      Virat Kohli’s IPL salary for 2024 is Rs 15 Crore

    2. How much has Virat Kohli earned in IPL overall?

      Virat Kohli has earned approximately Rs 1.732 billion from IPL

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