Virat Kholi raised a fundraiser with Give India’s global fundraiser to help COVID-19 affected people financially

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    India team captain Virat Kholi raised a fundraiser to help the people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. India team captain Virat Kholi has teamed up with Give India’s global fundraiser to help the people suffering from the deadly disease COVID-19. Neymar, the Brazilian legend and Atletico Madrid player Luis Suarez are also with Virat Kholi.

    Virat Kholi has set a target of Rs 10 crore. Rs 30,000 will be donated to each family, and this cash will help those people financially. The amount of money will go through NGO partners to the cash needed family.

    Virat Kholi and his wife Anushka Sharma had donated Rs 2 crore to fight against the COVID-19 crisis of India.

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    “Over 250,000 families have lost earning members to COVID-19 impacting their livelihood. Today, I join Team for Humanity to raise funds for families economically affected by COVID. You can join us too by donating at the link in the bio,” Virat Kholi posts on Instagram.

    The fundraisers did not tell how much KL Rahul, Neymar, and Luis Suarez donated. It is likely to surpass its target with the global audience. Puma, a sports goods brand, has donated Rs 15 lakh for the fundraiser. This fundraiser will go on for six months to help people.

    The raised funds will go to ACT Grants which will help in procuring medical supplies and oxygen concentrators. Yuzvendra Chahal made a contribution of Rs 95,000 while Hyderabad FC owner Varun Tripuraneni donated Rs 2.5 lakh.

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    All of us should be with Virat Kholi, KL Rahul, Neymar, and Suarez and donate to help the people to fight against India’s COVID-19 struggles.

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