Valorant Episode 6 Act II: Here’s all the abilities of new character Gekko

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    A new Agent joins the fray in Valorant Episode 6 Act III. Gekko and his adorable creature friends will be joining the roster from Los Angeles. Gekko’s kit is somewhat unique in that his abilities are named after each of his creature companions. He can also retrieve the majority of his abilities after deploying them and collecting their orbs where his abilities have expired.

    Valorant’s new character Gekko can launch Dizzy, a turtle-like creature, into the air.

    Dizzy charges, then fires blinding plasma blasts at any enemies in her path. When Gekko has finished her charge, she can retrieve Dizzy as an interactable globule and reset the Dizzy charge after a short cooldown. Wingman is a cute owl/penguin-like creature that, when fired, will seek out enemies and use a concussive blast on the first one he sees. Wingman, true to his name, can also defuse or plant the Spike as long as Gekko has it in his inventory. Wingman, like Dizzy, can be recharged by finding the interactive globule where he died.

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    Mosh is a tiny green jelly blob that resembles a tanuki head and can be thrown like a grenade (with the ability to alt fire to throw underhand). Mosh will duplicate himself across a green puddle and explode in the marked area once he lands.

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    Thrash is a fish with armour. When she is activated, she will lunge forward and explode, immobilising any enemies in a small radius. Thrash can also be obtained as a globule and recharged after a cooldown. Thrash, unlike Wingman and Dizzy, can only be reclaimed once. VALORANT Episode 6 Act II began on March 7, 2023, and Riot Games has announced that Gekko’s hometown of Los Angeles will host the global final 2023 VALORANT Champions.

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