What will be the upcoming measures in the Valverde and Baena case?

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    What will happen next in the case of Valverde and Baena is really a thing to think about. Villarreal has clearly stated that the incident will be reported if Baena wants it to be. That is exactly how the club has felt on their way back to home following the events that took place at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu bus parking lot. Fede Valverde attacked Real Madrid’s player Alex Baena following their defeat, circling which the drama has been prevailing since then.

    Valverde to suffer consequences

    Whatever Fede Valverde has done, he will face the suffer the consequences. Authorities have been in discussion that what will be those consequences in this case. There are several scenarios that are now taken into consideration, and everything now depends on the decision that the club takes as well as the player.

    On the other hand, the referee certainly didn’t include anything on the match report, however the events took place inside the stadium. The competition committee generally doesn’t get involved in these type of matters, however, concerning the fact that there that there is a companion from the club or any player gets affected of the club, a case would certainly be opened and on its way.

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    Other than that, if Baena takes this particular case to the police station, the criminal proceedings will be initiated accordingly. In that case, this incident will become a judicial matter and would avoid an initial sporting action. And another alternative option which can also take place is that, both Villarreal and Baena decide not to complain a file against each other and eventually leave things in the position like they are. In that case, no sanction will take place, and Valverde could eventually play without any problems for the La Liga giants Real Madrid in their upcoming matches.

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