Unveiling BGMI Classic Crates: A Guide to Exclusive Rewards and How to Snag Them

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    BGMI Classic Crates: In the dynamic world of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the allure of exclusive in-game items and skins lies within the coveted BGMI Classic Crates. These virtual containers hold a treasure trove of rewards, from stylish outfits to weapon skins, enhancing the gaming experience for players.

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    Let’s have a look into more details: BGMI Classic Crates

    BGMI Classic Crates are in-game items that stand as a gateway to a plethora of rewards, ranging from character outfits to weapon skins and other exclusive items. These crates have become a popular avenue for players to obtain rare and valuable items within BGMI, adding a layer of excitement to the gaming journey.

    Ways to Acquire BGMI Classic Crates

    • Purchase with Battle Coins: Battle Coins, BGMI’s in-game currency, can be utilized to acquire Classic Crates. These coins can be earned by engaging in gameplay, completing missions, and participating in various in-game events.
    • Earn Through Gameplay: Classic Crates can be earned as rewards for in-game achievements. This includes reaching specific levels, winning a certain number of matches, and accomplishing other noteworthy milestones during gameplay.
    • Find in Supply Drops: Supply Drops, scattered randomly around the BGMI map, occasionally contain Classic Crates. Players can stumble upon these drops during matches, adding an element of surprise to the gaming experience.

    BGMI offers three types of crates: Classic, Premium, and Supply Crates. Each crate boasts unique features, with the Classic Crate standing out as the most luxurious, housing premium rewards. The Premium Crate introduces a luck level, guaranteeing rewards after a set number of draws, while the Supply Crate provides a more cost-effective option for players using Ace Gold (AG) currency.

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    Exclusive Rewards from Classic Crates

    The BGMI Classic Crate, being the pinnacle of exclusivity, holds sought-after rewards, including:

    • Cupcake Cutie Set.
    • Marine Malice – Vector skin.
    • Austere Gold – Kar98K skin.
    • Retro Gamer Backpack.
    • Mother Clucker Set.
    • Ornate Visage Set.

    How to Get Rewards from Classic Crates

    Players aiming for these exclusive rewards need a certain amount of UC (Unknown Cash). A single spin in the Classic Crate typically costs 60 UC, while 10 spins can be bundled at 540 UC. Additionally, players can use Classic Scrap Coupons to redeem rewards, with 10 coupons combining to form 1 Classic Crate Coupon.

    Whether through strategic gameplay, in-game currency, or the thrill of supply drops, BGMI Classic Crates offer players a gateway to a world of exclusive and visually stunning rewards, adding a layer of excitement to the battlefield.

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