Ubisoft+ is available for free on Samsung Gaming Hub until October 10t 2022

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    Online gaming and other digital shops frequently offer premium membership options, such as Amazon Prime, PlayStation Plus, and EA Play. One such instance is Ubisoft+, which is managed by Ubisoft Connect and now has a limited-time offer available for particular users.

    Here, the Samsung Gaming Hub is relevant. In addition to Ubisoft Connect, Samsung Gaming Hub is a feature on some new Samsung TVs that offers Xbox Game Pass and other gaming services.

    In any case, Ubisoft is giving away a month’s worth of its Ubisoft+ subscription through Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, both of which are accessible through Samsung Gaming Hub.

    Both cloud services have monthly access to Ubisoft’s extensive catalogue of games, which includes titles like Far Cry 6, WatchDogs Legion, and Rainbow Six: Siege. However, if you visit Ubisoft’s website, you’ll see that simple PC users can also take advantage of the free month.

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    credit: wccftech

    Some of the featured games, such as the aforementioned WatchDogs Legion’s Ultimate Edition and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Complete Edition, will also have improved versions available in the subscription. On desktop PCs, the Ubisoft Connect app or the corporate website both offer registration options for users. You will have 30-day access to the entire Ubisoft collection after redeeming the free month. After that, to continue using the service, you must pay $14.99 USD per month.

    You won’t lose access to any games or DLC you already own if you already have an account with the service and your membership ends. However, if you don’t buy the necessary content, additional titles and DLC will be lost.

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