Triple H reveals reasons behind the increased viewership of WWE

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    WWE recently disclosed its first quarter financial results, and it was indeed very much in favor of the greatest sports entertainment. During the conference call of WWE with their investors, the COO of the company, Triple H was asked regarding the viewership of the company and how it has increased. Answering that, Triple H revealed the reasons behind the growth in viewership in recent times.

    WWE Legend Triple H announces his retirement from professional wrestling
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    What did Triple H say about the increasing viewership of WWE?

    When asked about the secret behind the increased viewership of WWE, Triple H said that he has praised everyone present in the team and stated that they are currently focusing on character development.

    He said that regarding what they are focused on, they’re focused on character development. Across storylines, where their fans are super engaged in the talent, it has been their fans who invested in the content as well as excited about it, which they haven’t been in for a long time.

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    He further stated that for them, it has been like extending the planning of the event horizon. Looking out year over year where they want to be in the next year and then backtracking from there so that they are always ahead of the curve as well as always thinking ahead.

    This allows them to have better planning and then it is just trying new things on getting outside of the box of what they usually do as well as seeing what works for them and what doesn’t. Triple H also stated that he doesn’t consider something not working as a failure; rather he considers learning from it. He is also excited about the future regarding where he could take all these.

    Coming to the example of focusing on character development, the Game took Sami Zayn as an example. The character development of Sami, with him being a part of the Bloodline and now being a rival, is certainly on a whole new level.

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