Top 3 players having most wins among the top five football leagues of Europe

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    Several players all over the world have played in various top tier football leagues, and many of them have appeared for multiple top tier football leagues in Europe as well. When comes to the match results, it is often a great matter of speculation who holds the maximum number of wins in these football leagues. Check out the top 3 footballers having the most number of wins among the top 5 football leagues of Europe.

    Gianluigi Buffon

    Italian footballer Gianluigi Buffon comes third in the list of having the most wins among the top 5 football leagues of Europe. The footballer is considered as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, and according to many experts, they consider Buffon as the best.

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    The goalkeeper made his Serie A debut in 1995, and the legend is also a World Cup-winning member of the Italian national team in 2006. Buffon services at Juventus for a long time of 17 seasons, and at present, he plays for the Serie B club Parma. Buffon has appeared in 674 matches in Europe’s top 5 football leagues and has won 409 of them, with a win percentage of 60.06%.

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    Ryan Giggs

    Welsh footballer Ryan Giggs ranks second in the list of having the maximum number of wins in the top 5 football leagues of Europe. Giggs played for his entire life at Manchester United.

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    He has won a total of 13 Premier League titles, two Champions Leagues, three League Cups, four FA Cups, as well as one FIFA Club World Cup. Out of his 669 English top-flight appearances, he has won in 425, with a win percentage of 63.5%.

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    The one ranking first in this list of having the most wins in Europe’s top flights is the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo primarily hates losing. He has been pretty successful for Real Madrid and also had some successful stints for Juventus.

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    Credits: Eurosport

    He started his career for Manchester United, for whom he also plays at present. He has 604 total appearances in Europe’s top 5 leagues, out of which he has emerged victoriously in 426, with an incredible record winning percentage of 70.5%.

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