Spectacular list of the Top 10 Richest Women in India as of 2024 

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    Get A list of the Top 10 Richest Women in India

    After the pandemic we are just starting to return to our normal life, situation Rich people are finding many ways to stay fit in their position as the wealthiest person. Roshni Nadar Malhotra is now the richest lady in India. We have mostly heard the name of the man who becomes rich but it will be very interesting that females are not staying backward to become rich.

    The most amazing facts are how the richest woman in India has surpassed their net worth by swelling in 2022 mainly in this economic uncertainty. You have ever thought about the worth of India’s richest people and also about their extravagant lifestyles to add to the fact that they can acquire enough to afford all the things?  

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    Here is the list of the Top 10 Richest Women in India- 

    10. Renu Munjal- MD of Hero Fincorp 

    Wealth: Rs. 6,620 Crore 

    She is the wife of the late Raman Munjal. She is recently the managing director of Hero Fincorp and the former executive director of Hero MotoCorp. She also got engaged in a variety of humanitarian powers. 

    Top 10 Richest Women in India

    9. Vandana Lal – Director at Dr. Lal Pathlabs

     Wealth: Rs. 6,810 Crore 

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    She becomes an entrant into the ten lists. She is now become the head of Dr. Lal PathLabs research and development and participated in the company in 1893 just after graduating from lady Hardinge Medical College along with a master’s degree in pathology. 

    8. Neha Narkhede 

    Wealth: Rs. 13,380 Crore 

    Narkhede is now the eighth richest new member on this list. In this June 2021, now confluent valuation arises 25% on to the NASDAQ for hitting $11.4 billion confirms by the report. 

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    7. Anu Aga and Meher Pudumjee- director of Thermax 

    Wealth: Rs. 14,530 Crore 

    She is the daughter of Meher, and Anu was named as the chairperson of Thermax in 2003, and also effectively led the company just after Anu just stepped down from the company that board in 2018. The mother-daughter wealth duo has increased by almost 148 percent in the last year. 

    6. Leena Gandhi Tewari- Chairperson of USV 

    Wealth: Rs. 24,280 Crore 

    Tewari is a businessman, and also an author who is the most charitable woman on this list. The woman just donated Rs. 24 Crore to the healthcare sector. He is one of the wealthiest people but his heart also. 


    5. Radha Vembu- Co-founder of Zoho

    Wealth: Rs. 26,260 Crore 

    Vembu established the tech company along with her brother Sridhar Vembu and has also been co-leading, it since 2007. The company is mainly a Chennai-based company, the product manager of Zoho Nail, reached her wealth increase by 127 percent in one year. 

    4. Nilima Motaparti-Director at Divi’s Laboratories 

    Wealth: Rs.28,180 Crore 

    For the past five years, she is the director of the company, she has overseen all of the elements of Divi’s Laboratories’ material sourcing and procurement cooperate finance, and Investor related matters. Her entire wealth crossed over 50 percent during this year. 

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    3. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw- Founder of Biocon 

    Wealth: Rs. 29,030 Crore 

    She is one of the founders of Biocon after Nayar, she is the richest self-made billionaire in India. Shaw also just devising parts for making medications cheaper for such underdeveloped countries. A great step by the lady. 

    2. Falguni Nayar & Family- Founder and CEO of Nykaa 

    Wealth: Rs. 57,520 Crore 

    Nayar is renowned as India’s one of the richest self-made women, and the world’s tenth richest self-made woman. She has increased her wealth by 963 percent just in a span of one year after her company Nykaa come to the public in 2021. 


    1. Roshni Nadar Malhotra- Chairperson of HCL Technologies 

    Wealth: Rs. 84,330 Crore 

    Malhotra is at the top of the list for the second time in the row. Under her guidance, the company just bought seven IBM products worth Rs. 13,740 crores, that’s reportedly the biggest deal in the history of HCL. 

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