Top 10 Largest Airports in the World in 2022

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    It is reported that IATA (International Air Transport Authority) has forecasted a staggering 8.2 billion air travellers in 2037 even if the industry is Airports facing difficulties with huge set back due to the novel coronavirus pandemic situation. There are many airports that will definitely surprise you with their postal codes like hotels, restaurants spas, and mails. Nowadays airports of the world are a lot more than just catch flights.

    If you are a frequent traveller then you may notice such never-ending escalators and also about the hallways at airports and also to reach the gate bin such airports that are seeming like a  herculean task.

    Here is the list of Top 10 Largest Airports in the World:

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    10. Suvarnabhunmi Airport (BKK)

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    This airport is also known as Bangkok airport and also one of the biggest airports in South East  Asia stretches across 8,000 acres. The new airport is serving an average of 63 million passengers each year. The airport was opened in  2006. The construction of the airport had taken around $5 billion. It contains two runways capable of handling 64 flights within one hour.


    9. Cairo International Airport(CAI)

     This airport is the world’s ninth-largest airport and also the only African Airport. It is situated in Heliopolis, Egypt having the capacity to handle 15 million passengers each year of 2017. It is spread across 37 square kilometres n Heliopolis. Now it has been served as the base of the US Air Force until 18963 while African Civil Aviation took over the operations of the airport under the control.

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    Shanghai Pudong International Airport - Wikipedia

    8. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

    This is mainly the world’s eighth-largest airport and also the second biggest in China. It has an area of 10,000 acres and also has been served 74 million passengers in 2018. In China, it has such largest mainland.

    Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport is a 4-Star Airport | Skytrax

    7. George Bush International Air[port (IAH)

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    This airport is mainly located in Houston, Texas that has been spread areas 10,000 acres. This airport is smaller in size in comparison with Washington Dulles International Airport. It can handle 45 million passengers that are just double the passenger’s traffic.

    Dulles International Airport - Wikipedia

    6. Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)

    This airport is mainly the sixth biggest and one of the largest airports in the US. It has been built in Fairfax and Loudoun Countries in Virginia. It spread across 13,000 acres.  The name of the airport has been fixed after John Foster Dulles, 52nd US Secretary of State. It can serve around 24 million travellers a year.

    Orlando International Airport is a 3-Star Airport | Skytrax

    5. Orlando International Airport

    This airport is situated in Orlando that is mainly the home of Disney World got a footfall of around 58 million visitors every year and also has many of these visitors coming by flight.

    It seems that the airport has been planned for 40 years ago by covering  60 square kilometres. This airport approximately has been served over 50 million passengers in 2019.

    DFW: All you need to know about Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

    4. Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport(DFW)

    This airport ranks fourth on our list with its own Zip code. This airport is spread around 27 square miles. It also has been served more than 260 destinations.

    A guide to Denver International Airport (DEN) | Blacklane Blog

    3. Denver International Airport(DEN)

    This is the world’s third-biggest as well as the biggest airport in the US. It has been spread along the 52.4  square miles. It is also one of the largest employers in Colorado with more than 52,000 staff.

    This airport has mainly 23 airlines companies with such flights over more than 215 destinations. In  2019, this airport serves more than 69 million travellers.

    The Largest Airport in the World by Area as of 2021

    2. King Fahd International Airport(DMM)

    It is mainly the world’s second-largest airport located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It seems that the terminal area has been made up of over 3.5 million sq. ft and with a total area of 780 sq. kilometres.  It also can handle m approximately  12 million travellers each year.

    There is the Mosque that can accommodate over 2000 worshippers at the time. There are also other luxurious amenities available containing a Hilton Hotel inside the grounds.

    Beijing Daxing International Airport officially begins operations –  Business Traveller

    1. Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX)

    This world’s largest airport. The construction takes $11 billion, Beijing Daxing International Airport for the terminus building spread across mind-boggling 7.5  million sq. ft. Totally, the airport land area is approximately 18 square miles. There are also several solar panels with water management systems, and also has been wasting the heat recovery systems has been installed in the airport. It is estimated that by 2040 this airport become one of the busiest airports with more than 100 million passengers.

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