An Incredible List of Top 10 Green Energy Stocks in India as of 2024 

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    Get A List of the Top 10 Green Energy Stocks in India

    The entire world now facing a huge crisis in Non-renewable sources, so India and other countries rapidly switching to greener power sources. Renewable energy meets 50% of the requirement for renewable energy by 2030 and is set to reduce carbon emissions by 45%.

    The big billionaires of India also understand the importance of green energy so they have made a huge investment in this section. After their investments, another source of income generates via stocks, if anyone buys the stocks with market study, they can make huge assets within years. 

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    Here is the list of the Top 10 Best Green Energy Stocks in India- 

    10. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. 

    CMP: Rs. 72.70 

    Indian Oil and NTPC come to collaborate for renewable energies. If everything becomes fine then the two companies will jointly build the generation and storage of green energy, or other cleaner forms of energy, that may be gas-based with several installations. In three years the company has reached -26%. 

    Top 10 Green Energy Stocks in India

    9. GAIL Ltd. 

    CMP: Rs. 137.25 

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    GAIL mainly supports the arising theme of gas penetration in India and the Government’s main focus is to expand has as key energy of transition fuel. PSU also planning about green hydrogen plant that will enhance the natural gas business. In the last three years, the company has reached – 7%. 

    8. NTPC Ltd. 

    CMP: Rs. 143.50 

    NTPC showed aggression in pushing for green energy. The company is the largest electricity producer in India. In India, we have pivoted toward green energy like pressure mounts to reduce coal usage. NTPC’s stock has provided a 28% return in the last 12 months. For the last three years, the company has reached 11%. 

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    7. JSW Energy Ltd. 

    CMP: Rs. 212.20 

    JSW is one of the big companies in the field of green energy. JSW Energy recently gain 360% gain just in one year. Within two weeks the company has planned to restructure its renewable business. In the last three years JSW stock gain 209%. 

    6. Tata Power Company Ltd 

    CMP: Rs. 220. 05 

    Tata Power is the leading renewable energy investment company with a capacity of 2.6 Gigawatt. The company is planning to generate 15 GW by 2025. Tata Power has shared the price up to 72%, while the yearly stock whopping 210% in just one year. In the last three years, the company gained 226%. 

    image 4

    5. Borosil Renewables Ltd. 

    CMP: Rs. 619.40 

    Borosil is the only and the first solar glass manufacturer in India. Besides solar glasses, the company has tailwinds to its business. Borosil making plans to increase 5 times more their production from the current state. In the last three years, the company gained 282%.  

    4. Larson & Turbo Ltd. 

    CMP: Rs. 1687.40 

    L&T renewable energy developer collaborated to tap the emerging green hydrogen business in India. L&Y aims to become non-zero emissions by 2040, 90% of this would come from switching over to initiates like renewable energy, green hydrogen, and biodiesel. The stock is up 57% per year, and by 11% In the last three months. In the last three years, the company gained 13%.

    image 5


    3. Adani Green Energy Ltd. 

    CMP: Rs. 1920.90 

    Adani’s Green Energy company is definitely one of the big names in the green energy field. In India one of the biggest renewable companies that have owned by the Indian conglomerate Adani Group. In the last three years, Adani Green Energy Ltd. Has gained 3788%, that’s quite amazing. 

    2. Adani Enterprises Ltd. 

    CMP: Rs. 2293.05 

    Adani Enterprise shows the future in green energy a few years ago. The company announced its plans to invest US$70 bn in renewable energy to generate green hydrogen in the world. In the last three years, the Adani group has gained by 1526%. 

    image 6

    1. Reliance Industries Ltd. 

    CMP: Rs. 2391.50 

    Reliance has planned a slew of partnerships for green energy. The company declares the plan about carbon zero firm by 2035. The company targets to replace transportation duel with clean electricity and hydrogen. In the last three years, the company gained by 88%. 

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