Top 10 Countries with the most Internet Users in 2022 

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    In the Twentieth century, the internet become a necessary thing for all the people in the world. In this pandemic situation, the usage of the internet increased a huge way. We cannot deny that may be gaming, and social media hampers people’s life, but due to the internet connection, many people get the opportunity of online work that literally hold the economy of many countries.

    The online population of our country does not need to reflect the entire connectivity. But anything excess brings bad consequences in life, so we should use the internet for our development. 

    Here is the list of the Top 10 countries with the most Internet Users: 

    10. Germany 

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    Internet Users: 76.01 million 

    In this time of the digital era, Germany takes the tenth position in the list. We all cannot deny that social media is seriously an addictive thing, but nowadays, it has slowly become a part of our life. In Germany, there are also 76.01 million people who frequently use the internet mainly social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and also others. 


    9. Mexico 

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    Internet Users: 96.87 million 

    In this pandemic situation, the number of internet users has been raised in Mexico. The current report shows, that 96.87 million users use the internet on a regular basis. Mexico gets the ninth position just after Nigeria. People mostly use social media platforms to connect with each other. 

    8. Nigeria 

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    Internet Users: 109.2 million 

    In this pandemic situation, the number of internet users also have been raised in Nigeria. The current report shows, that 109.2 million users use the internet on a regular basis. Nigeria gets the seventh position just after Japan. It has also revealed that half of Nigeria’s population among 200 million lives below the threshold of US$1.90.  

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    7. Japan 

    Internet Users: 118.3 million 

    Japan is technically a more developed and advanced country. In Japan, there are 118.3 million internet users who use the internet on regular basis.  Japan has well economic Cooperation and development. The maximum number of people use the internet for social media. 

    6. Russia 

    Internet Users: 129.8 million 

    Russia is one of the most advanced and high-tech countries in the world. In a comparison of the Russian population, the number of internet users is a little high. Russia has a well and developed economy. The number of internet users in Russia is 129.8 million. In this country, people mostly use the internet for working purpose, and the number of social media users are quite less than the others. 

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    5. Brazil 

    Internet Users: 165.3 million 

    Brazil has more than 100 million Facebook users. The interesting fact is Brazil got internet too early in 1988, and the usage has grown rapidly. The current reports show that Brazil has 165.3 million internet users. The people in Brazil mostly use the internet for social media purposes. 

    4. Indonesia 

    Internet Users: 204.7 million 

    Indonesia is also one of the most developed countries in the world. But Indonesia is like competing with Brazil as there are more than 100 million faceBook users in the country. The current information says that the number of total internet users is 204.7 million in Indonesia. People in this country mostly use the internet for social media purposes. 

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    3. The United States 

    Internet Users: 307.2 million 

    The United States is not behind Indonesia, and Brazil as more than 100 million people use the internet just for FaceBook. It’s true that Facebook is a US-based company but, the number of users is quite high in comparison with the population. The people in the US also use the internet for work purposes also, which makes the country one of the most growing countries in the world. The current report shows that there are 307.2 million internet users in the country. The US has 95% internet penetration. 

    2. India 

    Internet Users: 658 million 

    India is a country of heritage, culture, and history. India is now one of the developing countries. We will like to inform you that India has a huge digital market across the world. India possesses a ton of such untapped market potential. The current reports show there are 658 million internet users in India. India has a massive online community as its internet penetration sits at 41%. 

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    1. China 

    Internet Users: 1000.02 million 

    China holds the first position in the ranking of the most internet users. China has also a huge online community. In China, digital marketing takes a big market of employment. While China has the largest number of internet users, it also has millions of unconnected citizens which makes its entire penetration low at 59%. The number of internet users in China is 1000.02 million.  

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