Here is the Complete list of the Top 10 Coding Languages in 2024 

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    Get A List of Top 10 Coding Languages in 2024 

    We are indeed going to enter into the new world of the online era, and this time knowing coding language is definitely a mandatory thing for all. If you want to start your career in software development, then you will need to be at the front of the metaphorical class.

    You definitely need to know the programming languages that are popular. If you are in confusion about which you should start then we have come here with a list of top in-demand programming languages. 

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    Here is the list of the Top 10 coding languages in 2024- 

    Top 10 Coding Languages

    10. C#

     This is an object-oriented programming language. It was released in 2002 by Microsoft and stands today as the much-anticipated coding language.  It is mainly popular for developing web and desktop applications. HackerRank confirms that one of five hiring managers looking for a developer who can code with C#. The developers use this language for Game Development, Desktop/web/ mobile apps, and VR. 

    9. Swift 

    Swift is a robust programming language made by Apple Inc the language is used to create apps for iOS, watchOS, macOS, and many more. This language is easy to understand and maintain, boosts the development process, increases performance, and can support dynamic libraries, companies like Instagram, Apple, Uber, and Slack use this language. 

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    8. C 

    C is a procedural programming language, it has only designed to work efficiently on games, graphics, and enterprise applications. There is an inbuilt function and an operator, this is extendable, enhances speed and efficiency, and companies like GitHub, Telegram messenger, and Mastercard use C programming language. 

    7. Go 

     This programming language has been developed by Google in 2007. It is a top-tier coding language. The thing that makes this language very shiny is its efficiency. It uses similar syntax just like C, Go standout language that also gives top-notch memory safety and also such management features. It is used for system Networking programming, Audio/ Video editing, and Big Data. 

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    6. PHP 

    PHP is one of the practical scripting languages that will continue to hold importance. There is a server-side language that can be able to embed with HTML to include functionality to web pages. This is very simple to learn, easier than the other scripting languages, and highly secure to prevent threats and attacks, websites like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia run on PHP. 

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    5. R 

    R is a programing language for statistical and graphical programming. This is widely used among statisticians and data miners for data analysis. the programing language can able to extend libraries for interactive graphics. This is an object-oriented programming language, supports cross-platform operation, and is highly extensible 

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    4. Kotlin 

    Kotlin is also a cross-platform programming language designed to develop applications. This language has been used by more than 60% of android developers, there is concise code and structured concurrency, enhanced security features, and the coding is approximately 20% less as compared to you. The companies like Pinterest, Uber, Trello, and Amazon working on Kotlin. 

    3. JavaScript 

    Recently, Stack Overflow confirms that JavaScript s the most used programming language. It is commonly used following HTML/CSS, Python, and Java. This language is the soul and the body. If you design a web page by using  HTML and CSS but it would not work without JavaScript. This controls the higher level of the website and also can provide a much better experience for navigating and also readability. The developers use this language for web development, Game Development, Mobile apps, and building web servers. 

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    2. Java 

    It is mainly a general-use object-oriented programming language.  In object-oriented programming, the developers can create objects that encompass the functions and data that also can be utilized to give the structure for the programs and applications. It is now the most demanded programming language for hiring managers. The developers use this language for e-commerce, finance, and app development. 


    1. Python

    Python is mainly a general language and also the most demanded programming language. It will empower the developers for utilizing several different styles. It is also a functional and object-oriented programing language. The popular digital tools and platforms that were developed with Python, contain YouTube, Google Search, and iRobot machines. The developers use this language for back-end development, data science, and app development. 

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