Top 10 Biggest Banks in the World as of 2024 

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    Get A list of the Top 10 Biggest Banks in the World

    Banks are also financial institutions that just give a breadth of products and services containing deposits, lending, wealth management, currency exchange, and investment banking. The customers of those banks contain individual customers, businesses, and also many others.

    Nowadays large banks cater to their traditional clients contain individual customers and both large and small companies by providing savings and checking accounts, certificate of deposit, loans, and similar services. 

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    Here is the list top 10 Biggest banks in the world- 

    10. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group 

    Mitsubishi UDJ Financial Group has been known as MUFG. This bank is mainly a Japanese holding company having the financial services sector in 2005 with the current headquarters in Yurechko, Chiyoda, Tokyo, and Japan. The total asset of USD 2.8 trillion. 

    Top 10 Biggest Banks in the World

    9. Wells  Fargo 

    Wells Fargo just worked very hard to build the top 10 despite controversies that they had rather forgotten. Wells Fargo & Company is mainly an American multinational financial service with corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California with its operational headquarters in Manhattan.  

    8. Credit Agricole 

    Credit Agricole Group that sometimes named la banquet here for its historical collaborations with farming. This is a French international banking group and also the biggest cooperative financial institution. This bank is France’s second-largest bank after BNP Paribas along with the third largest in Europe. 

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    7. Agricultural Bank of China 

    Agricultural Bank of China known as AgBank belongs to the Big Four” banks in China. The bank was founded in 1951, and headquartered in Dongsheng District, Beijing. The bank has several branches along the mainland in China, Hong Kong, London, Rokto, New York, Frankfurt, Sydney, Seoul, and Singapore. 

    6. China Construction Bank 

    China Construction Bank Corporation is also one of the “Big Four” banks in China. In 2015, CCB become the 2nd largest bank in the world by market capitalization and become the sixth largest company in the world. The bank approximately has 13,629 domestic branches. In 2009, the total assets has reached  8.7 trillion. 

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    5. BNP Paribas 

    BNP Paribas is mainly a French international banking group that was founded in 2000 and belongs to the merger between banquet Nacionales de Paris and Parinas formerly known as the Banque de Paris and Paribas. 

    4. Bank of China 

    Bank of China is mainly a Chinese majority state-owned commercial bank headquartered in Beijing and also the fourth largest bank in the world. The bank of China was established in 1912 by the Republican government and follows China’s central bank. After the people’s republic was established in 1949. 

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    3. JPMorgan Chase 

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational investment bank and financial services that hold company headquartered in New York City and incorporated in Delaware. In the US JPMorgan is the largest bank in the world with current assets of US$3.954 trillion. 

    2. Bank of America 

    The bank of America Corporation is also an American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The bank was established in San Francisco and took the current form while the NationsBank of Charlotte also acquired it in 1998. The second largest banking institution in 2022.  

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    1. HSBC 

    HSBC Holdings plc is a known British multinational universal bank and financial services that hold company. This bank is one of the largest banks in the world with US$2.953 trillion according to December 2021. HSBC also traced the origin to Hong in British Hong Kong. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation opened its branch in Shanghai in 1865. 

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