Top 10 Best Formula One Drivers for all time

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    Get A list of the Top 10 Best Formula One Drivers for all time

    Max Verstappen has been crowned the 2021 Formula One World Champion dramatically. On the last and final lap of the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi, he bagged the points that he also needed to secure the title.

    In doing things, the Flying Dutchman participated in the ranks having some true F1 hall of farmers. It’s challenging to choose the top 10 F1 drivers but we still choose the top 10 and make a list. 

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    Here is the list of the Top 10 best Formula One Drivers ever: 

    10. Esteban Ocon 

    Percentage: 47.12 

    The year 2021 has already seen Ocon take his first Formula One win in Hungary and got two top 5 finishing in the last 3 races of the season. It was very certain, that Ocon is a driver who has been improving slow manner. The Frenchmen is another driver looking forward to heading up and sport. 

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    Top 10 Best Formula One Drivers

    9. Juan-Manuel Fangio 

    Percentage: 46.15 

    The driver born in 1911, Argentian driver Juan-Manul Fargo was mainly popular for its ‘El Maestro’, and also for the good reason. He is one of the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time. Fangio become world champion five times on behold of four different times, never completed Grand Prix without capturing second place. In 52 F1 races, he took 24 race wins and finishes on the podium 35 times. 

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    8. Alberto Ascari 

    Percentage: 39.39 

    This F1 driver is two time world champions belonging to Italy, and also one of the biggest F1 stars in the 19850s and was very active for Ferrari, Maserati, and  Lancia. Azeri won 13 of his 33 races. He is the only Italian to win the world championship for Ferrari. 

    image 100

    7. Lewis Hamilton 

    Percentage: 35.76 

    Sir Lewis Hamilton is mainly a giant from F1 and the most powerful driver in the vents of sport. He begins from 288 Grands Prix in F1 and also got a fantastic 103 races, finishing on the podium 182 times. 

    At first, he raced in F1 in the 2007 season and also equalizes Michael Schumacher’s record in the 2020 season and was crowned Formula 1 for the seventh time. 

    6. Jim Clark 

    Percentage: 36.25 

    The popular Scot Jim Clark was energetic in Formula 1 between 1960 and 1968 he dies in a tragic road accident at the F1 Grand Prix of Hockenheim was aged 32. In the years 1963 and 1965, he got crowned the world champion in driving for Lotus. Clark Jr. Finished 73 times, winning 25 races. Ranked fourth. 

    image 101

    5. Bill Vukovich and Lee Wallard 

    Percentage: 33.33 

    The two fantastic American drivers take fifth place jointly as both got to win a third of the races that they have entered. Both were very active in the 1950s and start competing much less than any of the other riders on the list. 

    Vukovic just made six formula 1 starts of which he got two races. On the other hand, Wallard completed three times and for only one Grand Prix. 

    4. Michael Schumacher 

    Percentage: 29.55  

    In the history of Formula 1, he is known as one of the most dominant drivers of the 1900s and 2000s and confirmed many records while in his active rime. After seventh world champions titles for banneton, MSC will completely hold a place in F1. He raced 308 times and got 91 trophies.

    image 102

    3. Jackie Steward 

    Percentage: 27.000 

    In Formula 1 the popular face Sir Jackie Ste wart was also very active in 1965. In 1997 he even made his own racing team that was later sold to the jaguar. Red Bull racing road trips take the drivers and teams to exciting locations across the globe. 

    2. Ayrton Senna  

    Percentage: 25.46 

    Ayrton Senna is also one of the popular faces on the formula one track. The three-time world champion completed 151 times in the premiere class and claims 41 victories before his career was ended very soon by a tragic death in 1994.

    image 103


    1. Alain Prost 

    Percentage:  25.25 

    This man known as ‘The Professor was the best F1 driver in the 1980s and `1990s. Mainly in his memorial battle against Ayrton Senna. Alai Prost dominated in Formula 1 between 1980 and 1991 with competition again in 1993. In 1997, he had just taken over a traditional French team Ligier. Prost already competed 202 times in F1 and win 51 races, he become a four-time F1 world champion. 

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