Top 10 Best cities in the world to live and work in 2023

    People often look for places where living and working become convenient for them. Though it is not always about having a reasonable living, nor a job having a million pay cut, but rather it is about having the environment and atmosphere in the workplace which matters.

    Though having healthy compensation as well as living at a reasonable cost is desired by the migrants too, and hence, judging all these things several reports and surveys have been executed to figure out the best cities in the world to live and work in 2023. Check it out below.

    Top 10 Best cities in the world to live and work in 2023

    1. London

    London is often regarded as the ‘capital of the capitals’ and is indeed regarded as one of the best cities in the world to live as well as work. Even in the post-pandemic phase, the city is running as one of the leading economies of the world.

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    Credits: London

    2. Paris

    Next in this list of best cities comes the name of the French capital, Paris. The dream destination of several individuals around the globe, Paris is not only a great place for tourists, but a decent option to work and make a living.

    La Tour Eiffel vue de la Tour Saint Jacques Paris aout 2014 2 1
    Paris – France

    3. New York

    As mentioned about the pandemic, the phase was indeed hard to withstand as it catered to all the economies over the world. However, few were the places which were set to relaunch as NYC, including New York, that eventually lists it among the best in that regard.

    4. Tokyo

    If you’re talking about the best cities to live and work in, very few match Tokyo. The people of Tokyo are very hardworking and they always try to develop their country and make it the best of all. Hence, working and living in this futuristic metropolis is worth it.

    5. Dubai

    Another dream destination of people around the globe is Dubai. And a great thing about Dubai is, it is not only a worthy place for touring or working, rather its cost of living is reasonable compared to other countries too.

    6. Barcelona

    If you’re looking for a European city, having a nice atmosphere, and also consists of several beaches and iconic parks, Barcelona is the perfect option to opt for. You’ll find thousands of migrants moving to the city to earn a living.

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    Credits: Catalan News

    7. Rome

    For people who desire to make their living in a city full of historical landmarks, the legacy awaits you in Rome. Rome has been prescribed by several websites and has wonderful ratings regarding the same.

    8. Madrid

    Next on this list of the best cities to work and earn is another European City, Madrid. The city has some beautiful infrastructure as well as public assets which makes living in the city decent indeed.

    9. Singapore

    Singapore’s re-investment in talent, research, as well as corporate headquarters recruitment, ensures people all over the globe that it is among the best cities to earn a living.

    singapore garden by the bay supertree grove 638256268 fa59e7e78b6449aaa40f68eafe6ff1a1 1
    Credits: ThoughtCo

    10. Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is among the smallest cities, but still, it is regarded as among the best cities to make a living and earn. Despite not being among the large cities, it is considered pocket dynamite regarding the same.

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