Tiny Tinas Wonderland: Here’s a walkthrough guide for you to find all the hidden Lucky Dice in the game

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    Previous Borderlands games restricted players to the class they chose from the outset, which meant that once a player chose a class, they had to stick with it. Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, on the other hand, shakes things up by overhauling the entire class system, allowing players to select a primary class and receive access to an entire secondary class. This means that players who appreciate utilizing Clawbringer’s formidable Wyvern friend could also employ Sporewarden’s Mushroom companion at the same time.

    However, another important element introduced in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands is Lucky Dices, which eliminates the need for players to pray to RNGesus for legendary riches. However, to reap the rewards, players must locate all of them. Fortunately, there are just a few of them in the campaign’s last location, The Fearamid.

    So let’s see where you can find the Lucky Dice in Tiny Tinas Wonderland

    The first Lucky Dice can be found within The Fearamid, immediately after opening the sealed doors. Players must look to their left to find another platform on the other side. As they approach, multiple unseen platforms arise, allowing them to jump to the other side and take the first Lucky Dice.

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    The second Lucky Dice may be found on the side of the enormous purple structure in the center of the region. It will be beside a cable and a ramp.

    The third Lucky Dice can be found beneath the first long wooden bridge that players encounter on their journey to the final boss battle. A Poetry Page can be found on the other side of the platform.

    The 4th Lucky Dice can also be located beneath a wooden ramp just ahead of the previous Lucky Dice. There are multiple Badass Skeleton Archers in this region, so players should exercise caution. Players, on the other hand, can rapidly defeat them with Frost or Poison Elemental Damage.

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    Players should now proceed to the Green Obelisk, which is located in a lower region of the area and may be reached via a lift. The fifth Lucky Dice can be found in the room behind the Obelisk.

    Leave the area and continue the main road until they reach a big room with multiple wooden scaffolds. Then, players must ascend the tallest one until they reach the sixth Lucky Dice.

    The 7th Lucky Dice can be found to the left of the skeleton lift (if facing it). It will be situated on top of a wooden platform, alongside some crates.

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    The 8th Lucky Dice is difficult to find because it is on a platform adjacent to a cable near the previous Lucky Dice. Players should turn away from the skeleton lift and then jump onto a thick cable to the right. That cable will eventually lead them to the 8th Lucky Dice, but players must be cautious because they can quickly fall (similar to the placement of one of the Lucky Dices in Mount Craw).

    The 9t Lucky Dice may be located just beneath the platform where players land after utilizing the catapult. In addition, players can locate a Lore Scroll nearby.

    Tiny Tinas Wonderlands is a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 game, as well as a PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S game.

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