“The Silent Sea”: Netflix has dropped the trailer of the mysterious space travel on the moon

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    Netflix has recently released the trailer and also some images of the new series The Silent Sea. The streaming of this series will begin at the end of December. 

    This latest trailer has been given us a few clips into the boons chilling thriller that has set into the depths of space and it has been based io0n   the team of astronauts who are seeking for retrieving such samples belonging to the abandons lunar base.

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    The Silent Sea: Trailer Details

    This series mainly revolves around space travel. The trailer begins with the time while all earth will not get sufficient amount of rainfall and the water layer will be decreased by 40%.  It shows all the resources of the earth are at the need so to find out the solution an elite team of experts has been headed for abandoned in a space station on the moon. Some secrets are like waiting for them as they found a spaceship with many dead bodies and the trailer shows such a strange creature.

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    After knowing all of the things this retrieval mission has quickly become a desperate battle of survival. It is based on the short movie The Sea of Tranquility, it was written and also even directed by the Silent Sea director Choi Hang-Yong. This series will extend onto the short film’s premise and it is mainly centring on such a dystopic future and in this space travel has become one of the essential due to the changing of the climate.

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    This series is featuring Gong Yoo, who has been previously featured in Train to Busan and it will be definitely the smash hit on the Netflix series Squid Game. Gong is leading as the team leader of the lunar mission. Bae Doona has been previously featured in the Netflix series  Sense8 and also features in the series.

    There are also the other casts like Lee Joon of The Vampire Detective and He4o Dung-tae. There is not known too much about the dynamics of the characters or maybe the precise trouble that they have been faced.

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    English subtitled trailer for Netflix sci-fi drama “The Silent Sea” |  AsianWiki Blog

    There is the executive producer Jung-Woo sung of the series. Netflix has been declared that the series in December of 2019. This film is following such overwhelming success of the Korean series Squid Game that has been premiered on the streaming platform this year.

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    Release date

    This series will also premiere on  Netflix on 24th December 2021, at Christmas time.

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    Here is the trailer:

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