The PS5 Patent of Sony has suggested launching of Official Faceplates

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    It seems that Sony’s PS5 gaming console might soon touch the customization on the way like the company has been taken a patent for the latest set of faceplates. OPAttack has been spotted, the patent is titled, “ Cover for  Electronic Device” and details an “ornamental design for a cover for an electronic device”. The diagrams of the PS5 faceplates have been used for illustrative purposes.

    It has been noticed that the patent does not outright refer to the replacement faceplates or also even the skins that also can be wrapped around them, but it has also exposed that some form of customization might become on top of the horizon if Sony has decided to follow along with the document. It is not just the first time that Sony has revealed the custom faceplates to the PlayStation either, and also as the original PS4 model that has been featured their own selection of the small faceplates that also has been covered the top portion at the console.

    Sony patent suggests PS5 first-party faceplates are on the way | Shacknews

    It seems that this Official PS5 has yet to feature a design other than the default white faceplate that it has been launched with. There are also third-party options but these companies also have chased afoul of Sony and also have been hit to the cease and also to the desist orders.

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     There are two of the notable examples CMP Shells that have attracted Sony’s legal wrath in 2020, and Dbrand, which has been offered the selection of “Darkplates” for $50. Dbrand has dared to the console manufacture for suing them and soon it will get a fresh legal threat from Sony’s lawyers, it has been prompting the cheeky custom faceplate company for the shut down of all the Darkplate production and also replace them with the more distinctive darkplate 2.0 shells.

    Sony Publishes Patent for PS5 Face Plates

    There are the market that is not flush with such alternative options for the custom9zizng of PS5, in the silver lining is here and that thanks to the faceplates for being easily removable, and personalizing their own PS5 that is still done very easily if you have a can of the Spray for the paint on hand. It will fill the void of the warranty of the console.

    A big thanks for the source.

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