REVEALED: Reason behind Triple H announcing the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship on WWE Raw

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    Fans were blasted with joy when the WWE Hall of Famer announced the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on WWE Raw. Triple H brought back the prestigious title to the business as he wanted to establish a clear hierarchy on each brand, with the WWE Draft all set to take place soon.

    Since the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns is already the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and has been mainly performing on one brand; the other brand needed a champion for a long time too. However, with both the WWE and Universal titles being merged, it wasn’t possible, but now it has come to a reality.

    When will the WWE World Heavyweight Championship be crowned?

    WWE Night of Champions is the WWE PPV event that is considered for crowning this title. Whoever will be victorious in the concerned match, whether it is a battle royal or a fatal or threat or even a singles match, the one will be attaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. WWE is providing an opportunity for a high-profile match that could launch a new WWE superstar on the WWE roster.

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    The creation of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, along with the WWE draft, has the potential to generate a fresh storyline as well as new rivalries in the business that can eventually offer the other athletes of the WWE to showcase their talents.

    Roman Reigns reigning mainly in the Smackdown brand

    As mentioned, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was introduced concerning there is also a need for a champion in the Raw brand. Roman Reigns tries to cope with both the brand, but he being a part-timer, isn’t able to deliver full-time even to the Smackdown brand. Hence the following action is greatly taken. Also, there were talks among many fans to bring back this championship, and it proved that WWE does listen to its fans.

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