“The Green Knight”: Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer of the fantasy film

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    Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer of the most anticipated fantasy film The Green Knight that features Dev Patel playing the role of the legendary Sir Gawain and has been inspired by the centuries-old Arthurian legend.

    At first, A24 has dropped the original trailer of the film.  It was the first time dropped a day after the character-specific poster is featuring Patel’s Gawain, like teasing the tweet from the A24 confirmation as the fans would very soon have the new look to the latest film. It is directed by David Lowery.

    The Green Knight : Details

    The Green Knight' Trailer: Dev Patel and David Lowery | IndieWire

    The trailer has mainly based on the absolute terror-inducing presence of the Ineson’s Green  Knight rather heavily, which has been felt just like the mixture of the fantasy sensibility with particularly the gruesome undertones, and it will be shot about the  Green Knight that has been holding with his own head that is going to linger with him for a while.

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    It means that Patel’s Gawain  is seeming  to evolve from  the idealistic  teen  knight  for looking   rather than heavy  beneath   from the weight of his own  crown, and also while Edgerton’s  character has been  questions about him and want to know the reason   like why he is dancing all of the trials, Gawain  just simply says: ” Honor That is why  a knight does  what he does.”

    The Green Knight,' with Dev Patel, is a new take on King Arthur tales

    At first, this movie has been scheduled for having the world premiere at SXSW in March 2020, which would have been followed by the release in the theatres by that following May. It is true that due to the COVID-19  pandemic situation, this film had been pulled from the plan for releasing the scheduled and providing the new July premiere date. All the fans are anticipating that could not be high.

    This film also has been reportedly been received an R-rating for, “violence, some sexuality, and graphic nudity”, which would seemingly be indicating that this version of the classic Arthurian poem is just going for the little less tightly laced than we have ever thought.

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    Dark and Mysterious 'The Green Knight' Trailer Prepares for an Epic  Adventure...and Battle - Bloody Disgusting

    Release Date

    This film is also now available on Amazon Prime Video

    Here is the trailer:

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