“The Flash: Armageddon”: The new Poster Reveals Barry against Thawne

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    Recently, The CW has dropped the latest poster of “ Armageddon”. The last five-part is just kicking off the eighth season of The Flash. The final event of “ Armageddon, Part 5″ is airing on Tuesday, December 14th

    Art this week it has been penultimate the episode that has been shown that it was Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash who was the main behind the Barry Allen/ The Flash get the worst day of life and it has been continued and triggering Armageddon.

    The Flash: Armageddon: All Updates

    The Flash: Armageddon' Sneak Peek: Barry Allen Is... Reverse-Flash?! -  Flipboard

    The twist has come as Thawne is making a trap by creating a Reverse Flashpoint to steal the life of Barry and erase him from the timeline. At the time when Barry was able to undo Thawne’s machinations then things are very far from over in between the two like the final moments of the episode that has revealed Thawne is back in 2021 with more plans to deal with Barry.

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    The poster that has been exposed you can check out that the two foes are featuring back to back, but still connected, and fitting like always been a huge part of their story. This poster also reveals the gold boots that are based on Barry’s comics.


    As soon as DC FanDome has been announced The Flash gets his gold boots that is something that Gustin had previously said also was on his “bucket list” for the character.

    Gustin said at the time, “ Gold Boots. We have e the lightening at the top of the red boots—that is kind of like the wing/ lightening at the top—but that is really the only thing that we are missing for it to be, pretty much, the complete the comic book look” He also said, “ The suit that we have now essentially, but with the boots to that the belt and then I feel like we are there”.

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    Like “Armageddon, Part 5”, there is the event that is final is poised to be packed on and also but it is just in terms of The Flash/ Reverse Flash rivalry. The episode also exposed the returning of Mia Queen/ Green Arrow who has come in 2021 and also looking to protect the lost loved one. It is assumed that the lost loved one is her brother William who had been kidnapped at the ending of the Green  Arrow and the Cannies backdoor pilot and the series showrunner Eric Wallace has been previously told to the fans who might want to rewatch that episode of Arrow ahead of the event.

    The Flash: "Armageddon, Part 4" Finally Gives SPOILER a Comic-Accurate  Costume

    In the current interview, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace said, “ You might need to watch the Green Arrow and the Canaries backdoor pilot. I’m now saying the Black Canaries are in the show alongside Mia, but those events mattered right? They mattered”. He also says, “ So be prepared to continue Mia’s journey in a very  unexpected way, but yet in  a way that makes sense and honours her past. That was  very important to us.”

    A big thanks for the source.

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