The Division 3 officially announced by Ubisoft

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    The Division, a new addition in Ubisoft’s popular third-person tactical military online looter shooter franchise, was just unveiled. You probably missed The Division 3’s announcement since Ubisoft buried it in a corporate press release announcing a new executive producer for the “Division brand,” suggesting the business has huge plans for the series.

    Tom Clancy’s The Division, the first game in the genre, was released in 2016 and recounted the story of a biological terrorist strike in New York City that transmitted a deadly virus via dollar notes.

    This heinous occurrence triggered a secret gang of highly trained operatives known as Division agents, who took some firearms and began killing every criminal and slightly dangerous person in the city while ransacking apartments for food, clothes, and rare guns.

    The Division 2 was released in 2019 and continued the plot, although this time the gunfire and looting took place in Washington, DC. The franchise has announced two games since then, although none has been released.

    The Division
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    This new Division 3 wasn’t announced with a fancy CG trailer or a big teaser at a press conference. Instead, it was disclosed surreptitiously on September 21 in a broader news release focusing on Julian Gerighty, the franchise’s new executive producer. He worked as an associate creative director on the first game before taking over as the primary creative director for the sequel.

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    According to Ubisoft, Gerighty is assembling a crew for The Division 3, which will be developed by Massive Entertainment once again. The publisher also assured that The Division 2 will continue to receive support.

    However, before Gerighty can board the Tom Clancy looter-shooter train, he must complete work on another project: Star Wars: Outlaws. He’s presently the creative director for the future open-world Star Wars adventure, and he won’t officially begin his duties as producer of The Division franchise until 2024.

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