The Day Before release date and new features revealed

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    The creator of The Day Before revealed a new and surprise vehicle coming to the game, which has piqued the interest of many keen fans. The Day Before has sparked some debate since its debut, but many survival game enthusiasts are enthused about the new title, which will compete with popular survival games like DayZ and Deadside.

    The Day Before will be released on November 10, and some players are sceptical about the game because it has been postponed several times, casting doubt on the creator and the final product. The game was intended to be released on March 1, but The Day Before’s developer unexpectedly announced a further postponement, increasing scepticism and making players worry if they would ever play it. Nonetheless, the game’s developer has revealed additional details about the game, including a new footage of an incredible vehicle that will be available.

    According to the short teaser, The Day Before will have a sports automobile that allows players to glide across the battlefield, potentially allowing them to escape enemy encounters faster than other vehicles seen in previous gameplay videos.

    The Day Before
    credit: ign

    Many users fear the game’s developer will announce another delay when the current release date approaches, according to the trailer’s comment section. Some YouTube fans believe Day Before is not genuine and insist that their viewpoint will not change until they play the game.

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    The game has been the subject of numerous debates since its introduction in 2021, and while The Day Before makers have just provided gameplay footage, many gamers still feel the game will never be released.

    The Day Before will launch on November 10 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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