The Callisto Protocol bug fixing patches are going Live!

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    A fresh update for The Callisto Protocol has already begun to be distributed, with the developer apparently eager to address the stuttering issues that have plagued PC players since the game’s release. Striking Distance Studios’ debut title, originally billed as a spiritual successor to Dead Space, was one of the most anticipated horror games of this age. Unfortunately, despite the enthusiasm, there has been significant pushback, with many fans writing poor Steam reviews, mainly regarding performance issues.

    The Callisto Protocol has received mixed reviews, although things appeared to be much worse. Because of the stuttering issues, particularly on the PC version, many people began to review bomb the game, giving it a “mainly bad” user rating on Steam. Other drawbacks of the game include a lack of replay value and a rather brief tale. However, it appears to be selling well, though fans will no sure be expecting for more updates, and the developer has already pushed out a second patch.

    Striking Distance’s latest update continues its efforts to eliminate the stuttering issues that have irritated many The Callisto Protocol gamers. The developer claims in a message on the game’s Steam page that it has been listening to criticism and that this new version intends to “further enhance PC performance.” It not only reduces stuttering, but it also improves PSO, or Pipeline State Object, caching, which is a technique that aids in the reduction of load times in Unreal Engine 4 games. With both of these together, the PC version should operate much more smoothly. According to the post, additional fixes for both PC and console will be released soon.

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    Callisto Protocol
    credit: wccftech

    Shortly after its December 2 release, The Callisto Protocol received a day one patch to address the major issues that many users had been encountering.

    It has been a source of disagreement for fans, not just because so many people were looking forward to the survival horror title, but also because it feeds bigger industry issues in which AAA games are launched in poor or even incomplete condition.

    When the game was released, director Glen Schofield immediately came forward to say that The Callisto Protocol issues were due to a clerical error, adding that there was a lot going on at the studio. In any case, it appears that the developer is attempting to resolve the major issues, so hopefully things will improve for the highly anticipated horror title.

    The Callisto Protocol is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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