The Callisto Protocol announces its Finale DLC

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    The Callisto Protocol DLC has been announced, promising a new horrific chapter to conclude the game’s tale. Players will be able to experience a completely new entry into the horror sci-fi game following the recent addition of The Callisto Protocol’s new mode.

    With its gory body horror and rich science fiction themes, The Callisto Protocol has received comparisons to the Dead Space franchise since its premiere. Although Glen Schofield, co-creator of Dead Space, created The Callisto Protocol, the horror title has its distinct characteristics, such as a distinctive story and innovative fighting mechanisms that people appeared to either adore or detest.

    Several updates and a prior DLC that featured a far more challenging Contagion Mode have expanded the game’s story, providing fans with even more frightening obstacles to try to survive. For those who finished the game, a planned story addition will bring protagonist Jacob out to fight one last time.

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    The official title of the planned DLC that will introduce Jacob into the final part of The Callisto Protocol’s plot is Final Transmission.

    This DLC promises a horrific conclusion to Jacob’s adventure, based on the title and the story’s finality being verified via the game’s official Twitter. Although the DLC teaser discloses virtually nothing about what fans may expect, it does promise some high-tension terror.

    The DLC will be accessible to PlayStation owners before it is offered to Xbox and PC owners. PlayStation customers will be able to play the game 48 hours early on June 27, while Xbox and PC owners will be able to play the chapter on June 29. There has already been discussion about what expanding The Callisto Protocol’s story would involve, and gamers will finally get to discover how Striking Distance Studios has opted to finish up Jacob’s survival story.

    The Callisto Protocol is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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