Telegram vs WhatsApp: Which Messaging App should you use in 2022?

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    In 2022, there are a lot of messaging applications available and also very popular. When the matters come on privacy and an end to end encryption then there are the two messaging applications WhatsApp and Telegram. WhatsApp has been used by hundreds of millions across the world and there are also some who also do not consider it as the most privacy-friendly app out there. It is true there are also rise a comparison between WhatsApp and Telegram when it comes to the matters of privacy and security service.

    It is true that instant messaging applications are dime a dozen now but WhatsApp still remains a favorite among hundreds of millions of users. It is true that privacy comes first than anything ever before and it has been worth to be evaluating the options that we have and also going to make the right choice to get some of the secure conversations.

    For many years Facebook dropped the ball on privacy, WhatsApp has also come under fire from privacy enthusiasts acting the world. It also has been resulted in an increase in the popularity of alternative chatting apps like Telegram.

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    As there are plenty of chatting Apps with a wide range of features but in this, we will focus on the two highly popular apps with important proven features just like end-to-end encryption built-in.

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    Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging applications out there. It also had a head start over most of the competition and lacked plenty of features that also have been available on many applications. It also remains very popular as of the massive user base.  Does it seem that how often you also can see your contacts migrating to the new messaging service at a time?

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    It seems that the lack of features though it does not mean that it is also missing out on one of the core aspects of the communication these dates with privacy. WhatsApp also implemented end-to-end encryption in 2016.

    On this, each message you send or calls you to initiate on WhatsApp with end-to-end encrypted by default and you don’t have to worry about either your contacts also being the weak link in your conversations. It seems that in fact there has no such option to be turned off encryption.

    There are either privacy features on offer like notifications for every time the security code of the contacts changes, disappearing messages, and more.

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    WhatsApp has been plagued by other security concerns that contain the fact that it has been owned by Facebook, It seems that the social media giant’s controversial user data collection from many authorities contains those in India.

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    Telegram is also another alternative to WhatsApp but it arrives with such the major drawback with end-to-end encryption that has not been enabled by default.

     There is also one of the highlights of Telegram that it can support multiple devices going  do0en the drain while you enable encryption in the chat since those chats are also not synchronized on the other devices.

    It has another point worth considering like that Telegram logs your IP  addresses and can collect other users’ data and it is encryption that also has not been formally audited by such of the independent security researchers yet.

    It seems that Telegram also has such along with loss of features that are not available on WhatsApp and it has been appeared with very responsive also.

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