Super League Fiasco: Barcelona and Real Madrid’s Potential €1 Billion Loyalty Bonuses

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    The Super League Resurgence: Loyalty Bonuses, Legal Victories, and Financial Dynamics Unveiled

    In the ever-evolving saga of the Super League, recent reports from Spain have brought to light the staggering financial stakes for Barcelona and Real Madrid. According to these reports, the two Spanish giants stand to earn a loyalty bonus of up to €1 billion (£870 million) should the beleaguered Super League project be resurrected.

    European Super League Image Credits Twitter
    The European Super League, Image Credits – Twitter

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    Survivors Amidst Turmoil: Barcelona and Real Madrid’s Endurance

    Barcelona and Real Madrid, having weathered the storm of initial fan protests and withdrawals by other founding clubs, find themselves as the last standing pillars of the Super League project. The European Court of Justice’s recent ruling, declaring actions by UEFA and FIFA as a violation of EU competition law, adds a new layer to the unfolding narrative.

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    Legal Victory Shapes the Landscape

    The binding ruling from the European Court of Justice marks a pivotal moment in the legal battle initiated by the European Super League Company. Barcelona and Real Madrid, having embraced the verdict, now stand as the final defenders of the original Super League vision.

    Revamped Format: Men’s and Women’s Competitions

    Post-verdict, A22 CEO Bernd Reichart unveiled a revamped format for the Super League, introducing both men’s and women’s competitions. The men’s competition will feature 64 teams, divided into three leagues – star, gold, and blue – with the star league being the strongest and the blue league the weakest.

    Real Madrid Logo Image Credits Club Official Website
    Real Madrid Logo, Image Credits – Club Official Website

    Financial Stakes and Loyalty Rewards

    Reports suggest that Barcelona and Real Madrid, through their unwavering commitment to the Super League despite external pressures, could be in line for a substantial bonus of €1 billion. This financial windfall could prove crucial for Barcelona, a club reportedly burdened with a debt of £477 million (€552 million).

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    Penalties Loom for Withdrawing Clubs

    On the flip side, the remaining 10 founding clubs, including football powerhouses like Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham, may face a significant penalty if they choose to abstain from the revived Super League. Reports indicate a potential €300 million (£260 million) fine for clubs that withdrew from the initial project.

    Presidents’ Reactions: Laporta and Perez

    Barcelona president Joan Laporta welcomed the judgment, emphasizing the historic opportunity to address serious issues compromising football clubs. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez echoed Laporta’s sentiments, lauding the ruling as a turning point that places the destiny of European football in the hands of clubs, players, and fans.

    licensed image 21
    MADRID, SPAIN – DECEMBER 17: (BILD ZEITUNG OUT) president Florentino Perez of Real Madrid looks on during the training session of Real Madrid on December 17, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images)

    Real Madrid Boss, Ancelotti on Super League

    Ancelotti on Super League: “This decision is important for football. Some clubs are not convinced but I think this can be a positive thing for everyone”. “The fact that there is no monopoly will be positive”. “Time will tell if this is a good thing”.

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    Atletico Madrid and Manchester United Opt Out

    In a separate development, Atletico Madrid and Manchester United, original founding members of the Super League, have officially confirmed their decision not to be part of the revived project. This decision further shapes the evolving landscape of European football, with financial incentives and penalties playing a pivotal role in the narrative for key clubs involved.

    Liverpool & Klopp Says No to Super League

    Official Liverpool statement about Super League. “Ruling by the European Court of Justice does not change Liverpool FC’s previous stance on a proposed European Super League”. “Our involvement has been discontinued”. “We will continue to work with fellow clubs through the ECA and participate in UEFA competitions”.

    Jurgen Klopp Image Credits Twitter
    Jurgen Klopp, Image Credits – Twitter

    Klopp on Super League: “I agree 100% with the statement and the verdict”. “I also like that we get an understanding that UEFA and other FAs can’t just do what they want… putting in more games with people having no say in it”. “I like that UEFA & more got a bit of a shake”.

    Arsenal & Their Manager Arteta on The Super League

    Arsenal’s Club Statement read:“Our position in relation to the European Super League has not changed. We will continue to play in UEFA competitions and continue to work with fellow European clubs and the European Club Association (ECA)”.

    Arteta on Super League: “It’s all very clear on our side: we remain in the same position”. “We love playing Champions League football and we will continue to do so, our plan doesn’t change”.

    Napoli President is Onboard with the Super League

    Napoli President de Laurentiis Image Credits Twitter
    Napoli President de Laurentiis, Image Credits – Twitter

    Napoli president De Laurentiis on Super League: “I spoke to Florentino Pérez and we agree on meeting with other entrepreneurs to discuss about future plans”. “Football is being managed by old people with no vision”, told Corriere dello Sport.

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