Steam creates new Record yet again of having the highest Concurrent Players Online

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    Steam has once again surpassed its all-time concurrent player peak, demonstrating just how much of a force to be reckoned with it is when it comes to PC gaming. While other clients may offer something different, such as Epic Games Store giving away free games on a regular basis, Valve’s software has become the go-to site for tens of millions of PC players to download titles from.

    In reality, Steam recently reached a significant milestone when numbers revealed that 31.9 million concurrent players had been logged, with over nine million of them in-game. It was first conceived in the early 2000s as a mechanism for Valve to better distribute its own games and conveniently keep them updated. When the service was formally launched in September 2003, it encountered teething problems such as network disruptions and glitches. The figures, however, demonstrate that it’s a different story now, since the client has surpassed rival digital PC gaming retailers.

    According to SteamDB, a third-party website that tracks everything linked to Steam, the number of concurrent gamers has surpassed 32 million.

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    The actual figure is 32,186,301, making it the most people who have logged in since the software was launched nearly 20 years ago. On top of that, the chart shows that 10,082,055 people were playing a game at the time, thus this is still another significant milestone. Given how quickly Steam has grown in popularity, it will be interesting to watch how quickly these figures are surpassed.

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    Despite being a PC gaming staple, much of this recent success may be attributed to Valve’s Steam Deck, which the firm debuted last February to widespread acclaim. In fact, it was named one of the best pieces of gaming hardware for 2022, notable not only for being a handheld console that can play a user’s Steam games, but also for effectively being a mobile PC.

    Although Valve’s early success was in video game production, with the release of the classic Half-Life in 1998, the company is now best known for its Steam service. While Gabe Newell and his crew continue to create games, it’s become clear over the years that its PC storefront is its most profitable asset, based on these latest data.

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