Starlink to let Astronauts communicate at 3,500°F

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    Starlink to test next gen Starship launch vehicle

    Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) plans to test its Starlink user terminal on its next-generation Starship launch vehicle system. Starship aims to achieve SpaceX’s overall goal of making mankind an interstellar spacecraft and complement its fast-growing culture. SpaceX is expected to conduct an orbital test flight of the system. They intend to do so within one year after the successful launch and landing of the top Starship prototype. If tests are successful, this can help NASA astronauts return to the Earth’s atmosphere and Pentagon in hypersonic vehicles.

    Starlink will test whether the service can assist the spacecraft during an atmospheric reentry plasma blackout. Details show that SpaceX intends to place Starlink antennas on the upper and lower floors of Starship during the upcoming orbital flight of the tan expected system. . The test application also indicated that the flight will not take place in June. Moreover, observers expect it to take place in August at the earliest. This is because in application, SpaceX satellite policy director David Goldman listed it ends in October.

    Starlink will test whether it can overcome the terrible interruption of plasma communications during the spacecraft’s return to the Earth’s atmosphere. During the reentry process, the spacecraft heats the air below it to extremely high temperatures, reaching 3,000 °F for NASA’s space shuttle and 3,500 °F for SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. This ionizes the air and creates a layer of plasma around the spacecraft, preventing radio waves from the spacecraft from reaching the intended receiver.

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    For the space shuttle, the power outage lasted for almost half an hour. During this period, the ground control department did not know the status of the aircraft.

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