Sports Ministry Suspends Newly Formed, Sanjay Singh Led WFI Amid Accusations of Being ‘Under the Influence of Former Officials

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    The Sports Ministry has suspended the new Wrestling Federation of India body, led by Sanjay Singh, over what it deems a ‘hasty’ announcement regarding the upcoming nationals. The decision was made on Sunday, December 24, with the ministry expressing concern that the WFI body, under Sanjay Singh’s leadership, demonstrated a complete disregard for established rules and regulations.

    Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh Sanjay Singh Image Credits The Hindu
    Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh & Sanjay Singh, Image Credits – The Hindu

    In an official release, the Sports Ministry elaborated that the announcement of the national competitions in Gonda, known as the stronghold of Brij Bhushan Singh, was made without following due process. The ministry emphasized the lack of proper procedures in the decision-making, leading to the suspension of the Wrestling Federation of India body.

    Sports Ministry: Wrestling Federation of India(WFI) Went Against Rules

    The Sports Ministry pointed out that the president of the newly elected body, Sanjay Kumar Singh, declared on December 21 that the junior national competitions would commence before the year’s end. The ministry emphasized that this announcement ran afoul of established rules, as a minimum notice period of 15 days was required to allow adequate preparation time for the wrestlers.

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    In a press release, the ministry clarified that decisions regarding the organization of nationals are supposed to be made by the Executive Committee. Agendas for consideration must be placed before the committee, as stipulated by Article XI of the WFI constitution under the section ‘Notices and Quorum for Meetings.’ The ministry highlighted that the minimum notice period for an EC meeting is 15 clear days, with a quorum requirement of 1/3rd of representatives. Even in the case of an Emergency EC meeting, a minimum notice period of 7 clear days and a quorum requirement of 1/3rd of representatives are mandated by the constitution.

    Sanjay Singh Image Credits Pragativadi
    Sanjay Singh, Image Credits – Pragativadi

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    Sanjay Singh, New Chief Ready For Legal Battle

    Despite the suspension, top sources from Sanjay Singh’s camp have indicated their intention to pursue legal action in response to the decision. They conveyed, “We are preparing to address this matter legally, and our legal team is actively working on countering the suspension.”

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    The Sports Ministry, in its statement, highlighted concerns that the new Wrestling Federation of India body seemed to be under the influence of previous office bearers, who had faced allegations of sexual harassment. The ministry stated, “The newly elected body appears to be in complete control of former office bearers, in complete disregard to the Sports Code.”

    Furthermore, the ministry pointed out that the federation’s operations were being conducted from premises controlled by the former office bearers. These premises were also alleged to be the location where instances of sexual harassment against players occurred, with an ongoing court case addressing the matter.

    On December 23, Sakshee Malikkh had criticized the WFI for choosing Gonda, the stronghold of Brij Bhushan Singh, who had been ousted by the ministry due to alleged involvement in sexual harassment and intimidation, as the venue for hosting the junior national competitions.

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    In its press release, the Sports Ministry emphasized that the decisions taken by the newly elected executive body of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) displayed a clear disregard for established legal and procedural norms. This violation encompassed both the constitutional provisions of the WFI and the National Sports Development Code.

    The decisions made by the newly elected executive body of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) demonstrate a blatant disregard for the established legal and procedural norms, violating both the WFI’s constitutional provisions and the National Sports Development Code.

    Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Image Credits Wikipedia
    Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Image Credits – Wikipedia

    The President’s actions exhibit blatant arbitrariness, contradicting established principles of good governance and lacking transparency and due process. Adhering to governance norms is essential for upholding fair play, transparency, and accountability, crucial elements in building trust among athletes, stakeholders, and the public,” concluded the statement.

    I was on a flight. I have not received any letter yet. First, let me see the letter, only then I will comment. I heard that some activity has been stopped,” Sanjay Singh told reporters.

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