Spanish FA President Rubiales leaves everyone surprised as he refuses to resign after the kiss with Jenni Hermoso

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    Luis Rubiales, the Spanish Football Federation President, has surprised everyone by refusing to step down following the scandal that has erupted owing to his controversial kiss with Hermoso. 

    Following the incident in the Women’s Football World presentation ceremony, everyone has expected him to resign. However, he has surprised everyone stating his decisions to not step down from his current position. 

    Rubiales won’t resign! What does he have to say regarding his kiss with Hermoso?

    The Spanish FA President has earlier shared a video apologising for his behaviour. He had said, 

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    “I want to apologise unreservedly for something that happened in the presidential box, when in a moment of euphoria I grabbed a part of my body.”

    He further added, 

    “Look, I got very excited and I lost control. I have to apologise to the Royal Family because it is a very undefying gesture.” 

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    Stating it was more of a peck than a kiss, he said, 

    “Whoever watches the video will see the desire in that kiss is the same as with one of my daughters. There was no desire or dominance.

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    Credits – Sportsnet

    It is not what is being pushed in the media by Mr Tebas and feminism. The kiss was spontaneous, mutual and consensual. The player had missed a penalty and said ‘You’re great’. Jenni grabbed me by the hips, pulled me close and we embraced.”

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    Rubiales stated that a social assassination has been carried out after the incident and that “they” are trying to destroy him as they have been doing since the last five years. 

    To the applause of the room at the Spanish FA’s headquarters, he repeated several times that he was not going to resign. He said, 

    “Is it serious enough for me to have to go, having carried out the best management in the history of Spanish Football? Do you think I should resign? Because I’ll say something: I’m not going to resign.” 

    LALIGA President enter the war

    LaLiga president Javier Tebas recated to Rubiales decision for not resigning. Following the incidents in the Women’s World Cup final, Tebas took to his X account and wrote, 

    “Rubiales’ crude victimizing ploy has worked too many times, this time continuing to attempt it is simply ridiculous.”

    In that long post he mentioned several things about him Rubiales being a liar and mysgonist. He concluded his share stating, 

    “Rubiales is interested in lying and portraying me as a conspirator to shield himself in a false equidistance and get through his scandals and misdeeds. Nothing could be further from the truth.” 

    There’s no doubt, that the controversial kiss by Rubiales with Hermoso has taken different turns with various talks and discussions going on around. It’s on time to see how things take a further turn from here.

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