Essential smartphone accessories you can buy

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    Modern-day smartphones are great. Android phones and iPhones iOS have great features for your ease. The smartphone is an overall entertainment and business package. However, it can be enhanced further by adding awesome smartphone accessories.

    You can avail of cute mobile covers for girls online or get cute popsockets for girls. Well, there are many gender-specific phone accessories especially customized for girls these days. Earlier it was hard to find girlish accessories. So, here are a few that can be a game-changer for you.

    Essential smartphone accessories to Buy this year in 2022:

    Here are the 10 best phone accessories for girls for a complete experience. Let’s move on:

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    What you should look for when you are buying phone accessories?

    Before you buy, you should authenticate the manufacturer. Most of them are produced by third-party manufacturers so it becomes a little confusing for genuine sellers. Always check the description and return policies.

    Smartphone Cases:

    The first thing that clicks our minds when w talk about phone accessories is phone covers. You can avail chic phone covers from Peeperly. It has a great collection of phone accessories especially customized for women. You just have to search your phone company and you will get all the models listed. There you go!

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    You get mirror phone covers, glossy covers, diamond-studded phone covers, pearl phone covers, silicone covers, thin cases, hybrid cases, rugged cases, bracelet covers, and wallet covers.

    Portable Chargers:

    Power banks are today’s need. Being a girl is not easy. It is even difficult for working and college-going girls to keep phones charged when out. No matter what gender you are. What matters is your phone should be never discharged.

    Always pick portable chargers that are compatible with many devices. The Anker Power Core 20100mAh features two USB ports and one Qualcomm quick charge with a USB-C type port.

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    Car Mounts:

    If you are a traveler get a car mount for navigating your car. We recommend MaxBoost Durahold and attach it to the windshield or dashboard. You can get any third-party accessories from Amazon or other websites.

    Many car mounts are MagSafe, so you can attach them via car vents through a magnetic holder.

    Selfie Sticks:

    We, girls, know how important is selfie stick for us. There are many types of selfie sticks available in the market these days. You can get a Bluetooth selfie stick that offers long battery life or you can go for a typical USB port-based stick. Always pick a long and highly adjustable stick. You can go for Fugetek Selfie Stick which is 7.1inches long and also works as Tripod.

    Camera Lens Attachment:

    Many smartphones come with great cameras. It clicks decent images. If you love photography or want your pictures to be professional on social media platforms, go for camera lenses.

    The moment is the best lenses available in the market. It features a wide-angle, telephoto lens, macro lens, fisheye, and anamorphic lens. It is compatible with iOS and Androids.


    Gimbals are highly important for professional shoots and grade videos. It allows you to click steady videos. Gimbals are a must-have for vlogging and other formal shoots.

    USB OTG Flash Drives:

    The USB OTG feature is making a buzz these days. It makes phone internal storage handy. It is similar to external computer hard drives. You can go for SanDisk Ultra.


    A decent pair of headphones is all you need if you are a metro train traveler. Well, in our busy lives music is a true stress buster. Sony wired earphones are the best in an affordable price range. If you want something more affordable than this, go for Panasonic ErgoFit.

    If you want full coverage headphones, go for Audio Technica ATH headphones. They are budgeted and comfy too.

    Bluetooth Earphones:

    How can we forget about Bluetooth earphones? Apple Airpods are our first choice that is highly comfortable and sounds great. Its noise cancellation feature is awesome while traveling.

    If you are looking for affordable wireless earphones, go for Sony WH-1000XM4.


    Smartwatches have become a must-have accessory for smartphones. It manages notifications and keeps track of your daily workout data. It is a medical as well as a fitness device. The best on our list is Apple’s smartwatches. If you are looking for a less expensive yet branded smartwatch, Oppo and Samsung smartwatches are the best to have.


    Popsockets are the last phone accessory on our list. Popsockets look small but are a smart mobile phone accessory that is affordable and must have. You can buy n number of designs matching your smartphone covers. It makes the phone handier and great for selfie clicks. It also acts as a phone stand and you can keep your earphones untangled through it.

    I hope, you liked the article. For any queries and suggestions write to us in the comment section below.

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