Shedeur Sanders To Feature In The Cover of EA Sports College Football 25?

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    Since it was discontinued over a decade ago, EA Sports’ NCAA Football saga will finally have a new edition. Presently named as EA Sports College Football 25, the game is currently under development and is expected to be released sometime in mid-2024.

    Shedeur Sanders Image Credits ESPN India
    Shedeur Sanders, Image Credits- ESPN India

    Other than a teaser from EA Sports to tease fans, many details of the return of college football to consoles are yet to be revealed. A lot of talk is about who should be on the cover for the saga’s comeback, though many already have someone in mind.


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    Shedeur Sanders: A Contender for EA Sports College Football 25 Cover Athlete

    Shedeur Sanders, son of the legendary Deion Sanders and QB of the Colorado Buffaloes, is one of the candidates to grace the cover athlete of EA Sports College Football 25. Shedeur himself confirmed that he might be one of those selected to grace the cover.

    In a mysterious tweet, Shedeur Sanders wrote the following: “EA Sports knows the right thing to do.”

    Charlie Baker, the NCAA President said on 23 February, Friday that the Congress needed to act to protect what he described as the “95 percent” of athletes whose ability to play college sports could be in danger if a court or regulatory decision labeled them as employees of their schools.

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    Shedeur Sanders Image Credits Sports Illustrated
    Shedeur Sanders, Image Credits- Sports Illustrated

    Baker was realistic while speaking to a small group of reporters near the NCAA’s Washington office, but still he remains hopeful that Congress will take action, even though it is not doing so despite persistent requests from his predecessor, Mark Emmert. This refers to giving the NCAA a special permission regarding antitrust laws. This permission would enable the NCAA to establish rules to protect college sports without the ongoing risk of legal action.

    Shedeur Sanders Opens Up About Facing Criticism From His Dad, Deion Sanders

    Shedeur Sanders, Colorado coach Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders’ son, opened up about the mindset change that happened when he enrolled at Jackson State. The Buffaloes quarterback said that he tries to use his platform to inspire others, in an appearance on the “Overtime” podcast. He also reacted to the people who accuse him of being “Cocky,” and are apparently his haters.

    He joined Jackson State in 2021 with his dad, before moving to Colorado at the end of the 2022 season with him. The quarterback has created a flashy persona on and off the field, over his three seasons in college football. Shedeur shared a short clip from the podcast where he can be heard replying to his critics on his Instagram account on Sunday.

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    “My whole thing is, like the platform and everything, it’s really to inspire others,” Shedeur said. “Because I was that kid, I was at a HBCU. We shared time with them, we understood the struggles people go through. So that’s why it’s like when people say you cocky, you anything, naah, it’s just I understood what it took to do that.

    Shedeur Sanders with his Dad Deion Sanders Image Credits Getty Images
    PASADENA, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 28: Head coach Deion Sanders and Shedeur Sanders #12 of the Colorado Buffaloes walk together prior to a game against the UCLA Bruins at Rose Bowl Stadium on October 28, 2023 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images)

    I understand like the sacrifices you had to make to get into that position. Because everyone thinks it’s all shine and fun. But you don’t understand the cons about it.”

    Shedeur, the 22 years-old quarterback got immediate support from Deiondra Sanders, his elder sister. She reposted the clip on her Instagram story to spread her brother’s message further.

    He did not become the player that he is just like that, overnight. Shedeur had to work hard to get where he is, often facing criticism from his dad, Deion Sanders, more than anybody else would. He shared that his legendary father wanted more from him, more than someone normally would from a 16-year-old high school athlete, and treated him like he already playing at the level of NFL and demanded that kind of grit and determination from the teenager.

    “I’ll be able to handle any coach if I can handle my dad. He acts like I’m an NFL player,” he said in an old clip recently reshared by ‘Coach Prime.’

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