Sex Education: Why is everyone wearing grey suits in season 3?

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    Sex Education season 3 introduces a new dress code at Moordale High School. So, what’s the significance of the new dress code? This Netflix series shows us the story of the British students who will officially return in September 2021. In several images and first look, it was revealed that students were wearing grey suits and no longer be seen to wear casual dress. This aesthetic change has been made in Sex Education’s new season only because of Moordale High School’s new headmaster, Hope Haddon, along with the series attempt to have a stronger identity.

    Sex Education was first premiered in January 2019, the audiences have noticed that it has American influence on the UK-based storyline. The students dressed in the style of 80’s characters from John Hughes movies, this make the show different from the others but it was not quite authentic.

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    In time-jumping Sex Education season 3, Moordale High School’s grey suit dress code has come with the arrival of the new headmaster, Hope. She has replaced Michael Groff, who was forced into a leave of absence after a public meltdown in the final episode of season 2. Hope will reportedly “return Moordale to a pillar of excellence”, which was failed to achieve by her predecessor upon chastising Dr Jean Milburn for providing advice to students about their sexual behaviour. In season 3 the headmaster, Hope in order to honour the school’s tradition of excellence he implemented a new grey-maroon dress code. She also wanted to establish her authority at Moordale High School.

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    Moordale High School’s new dress reflects a revised series identity as a UK production. Sex Education creator Laurie Nunn wants to instil a more contemporary feel, and it makes the series more accessible and relatable. The new headmaster strips of their identity by making them wear a uniform, this narrative tweak will allow for strong character development if the various students no longer feel like traditional archetypes. This new dress code will highlight the teenager’s personalities.

    Lastly, the Sex Education season 3’s new dress code will strengthen the character of Hope. Her first-look image implies that she has a stern character, but the students aren’t thrilled about wearing formal clothing at school. Even, Hope’s vibrant orange jacket tells us that she has a colourful personality, this concept has been confirmed by Kirke on social media. According to a June 2021 statement by actress through Instagram, her Sex Education season 3 character will be more like Emma Mackey’s Maeve Wiley than the headmaster predecessor, Mr Groff: “For those saying she’s got a stick up her ass, lemme tell you, Hope Haddon used to be QUITE the wild child back in her day”.

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