Seth Rollins creates history by becoming the inaugural World Heavyweight Champions

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    In the recent pay-per-view main roster event of WWE, i.e., the Night of Champions, Seth Rollins once again proved his worth by becoming the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion. The Night of Champions had a triple main event, out of which this was among the one, and it also kicked off the show. The match between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins was indeed a treat to watch, and both fought their level best, but it was the visionary who laughed the last laugh by giving a stomp to Styles’s head and pinning him.

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    Seth Rollins, the new World Heavyweight Champion

    As mentioned, the fight between Seth Rollins and AJ Styles was phenomenal, and fans were cheering for both sides, but it was ultimately the RAW brand that emerged victoriously. With Rollins pinning Styles, the whole WWE universe chanted his song, and WWE Hall of Famer as well as the COO of the company, Triple H, handed over the new world heavyweight championship belt to the architect.

    Another unique record that Seth Rollins set is that, for the inaugural NXT Championship, Universal and World Heavyweight Championships, he competed where he achieved victory in two of them. It is indeed a moment of glory as for the fifth time, Seth Rollins lifted up a world championship.

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    Phenomenal Effort by AJ Styles

    With some say it’s been indeed very deserving for Rolling to lift up the title, but some say Styles deserved that title too. Aj Styles came through the qualification rounds and defeated WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Rey Mysterio in a triple threat match, and also came through Bobby Lashley in a singles match. However, despite the effort of the veteran, it was the revolutionary who got crowned with the new belt.

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