Samsung is preparing a new 8K ultra-wide Display monitor

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    To replace its Odyssey Neo G9 ultrawide monitor, South Korean giant Samsung is developing a “8K” ultrawide display with DisplayPort 2.1. A record-breaking 8K resolution version of a massive curved screen is likely to be launched by the tech giant, computer chip firm AMD disclosed at its event, according to The Verge.

    “While the 32 by 9 aspect ratio of these monitors suggests the screen won’t be a true 8K resolution,” the report said.

    More information on the next display by Samsung, which supports DisplayPort 2.1, will be released in January of 2019. The business has previously introduced the first 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen to the Indian market.

    credit: theverge

    Starting at Rs 2,19,999, the Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor could be purchased. It had a 55-inch screen with a 1000R curvature that encircled the user’s field of vision. Additionally, the screen could be turned vertically 270 degrees in the cockpit mode. This mode allowed the screen to pivot, tilt, and revolve using a HAS for the ideal screen orientation (Height Adjustable Stand).

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