Ronaldo Nazario wishes to sign Marcelo and Dani Alves for Real Valladolid

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    Real Valladolid President Ronaldo Nazario dreams of welcoming two big names to the Marcelo and Dani Alves clubs this summer and offering them two Brazilian fullbacks for free.

    Ronaldo wants to take advantage of his good relationship with his two compatriots and wants to sign them for the newly promoted LaLiga Santander.

    According to Brazilian media outlet UOL Esporte, Ronaldo is looking for two fullbacks to boost the promotion to the club and offer something on the pitch.

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    The same source reports that salary is not an issue for the team. Still, bringing both to the club is not an easy task. Both arrive in Qatar in 2022 and want to play in Brazil.

    Will Ronaldo be successful in his wish? The two player’s current status

    After Marcelo has finished his 16-year match at Real Madrid and had become the player with the most titles in the club, Marcelo wins the Serie A title ,and then AC Milan looked for a team. Already sought after by several teams across Europe, including and prior to joining the Champions League next season.

    Meanwhile, Alves, who left Barcelona after finishing his second spell in Blaugrana, has been sought after by several teams, including Flamengo in Brazil.

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    Both Alves, 39, and Marcelo, 34, want to continue playing in the best possible way for the 2022 World Cup this winter.

    The Spanish season is still a few weeks away, but Ronaldo and Real Valladolid need to start strengthening their team urgently in order to stay on top of Spain.

    Valladolid was mandated in 2020/21 before being promoted in the first attempt.

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