Referees are asked to pause Premier League games to let Muslim players break their Ramadan fast

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    Premier League and EFL referees are asked to pause evening games during Ramadan to let Muslim players break their fast. The holy period of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, will start on Wednesday and will conclude on the evening of Friday, the 21st of April.

    EFL and Premier League referees asked to pause evening games to allow players to break their fast

    There will be several players attaining the fast, abstaining from eating and drinking during the day. Match referees and other officials of England’s top four divisions are told to pause the evening games so that the concerned players can break their fast and take liquids, energy gels, and supplements, as reports suggest.

    They are encouraged to wait for a natural stoppage in play, like a goal-kick or a throw-in, before the game pauses. Alongside the referees, the teams are asked, too, to try and agree at a rough time with the referee before the kickoff for the brief pause to happen. Premier League games have been paused earlier too, to let players break their fast, with Burnley’s league match against Southampton last season paused in the 41st minute to let Mohamed Elyounoussi and Yan Valery refuel.

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    High-profile Muslim players on the list

    England’s league has some top-quality Muslim players, including Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah and Manchester City’s Riyad Mahrez, who are expected to keep the fast for next month. The first match where this practice could apply is between Leeds and Liverpool at Elland Road on Monday, April 17.

    The game is scheduled for 8:10 p.m.Another game where this practice might prevail could be between Arsenal and Southampton, the former’s home game, four days after the above game, scheduled at 8:06 p.m.

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