Red Bull exceeded spending cap in the previous year, eventually going under the FIA suspension

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    Even before the Singapore Grand Prix have taken place, the Red Bull had been eyeing to receive the glory of lifting the second title in a row as well as tenth, in between constructors and drivers which will take place since their inception. The FIA is facing another problem with the Abu Dhabi sanction which the new FIA Mohammed Ben Sulayem started to mandate.

    It is primarily the popular budget ceiling process that got imposed in 2021 on Formula 1. The budget ceiling process excludes the salary of a driver along with the three highest paid transport or marketing or any construction cost or even supply of power units that have been already fixed at a cost of 95 million for the next year. The budget ceiling regulation also prevents the teams to spend a greater amount than 145 million euros in 2021, 140 million in the present year, and 135 million in the upcoming year.

    FIA checks are complete for Red Bull and Aston Martin

    Last year’s analysis in this regard has already been done by the FIA, and sources suggest that Red Bull along with Aston Martin were engaged in this issue of exceeding this ceiling, which will be publicly stated soon. The news came from German and Italian news agencies, which are primarily the countries of Mercedes and Ferrari that eventually pressed FIA regarding financial mismanagement.

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    Christian Horner in this regard

    The head of Red Bull, i.e., Christian Horner said in this regard that he has dismissed the matter as mere speculation. He also stated to the BBC that Aston Martin on the other hand is acknowledging that the matter should be clarified with FIA. It is to be seen what happens next, and when it gets publicly announced.

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