Real Madrid’s Long-awaited Wildcard: Eden Hazard

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    During the last three years, at several points, many in football were curious as to why Eden Hazard has not left Real Madrid. Some clubs even made inquiries about the player’s availability, but none were at the level a playmaker of his caliber should be at.

    This is mainly because the Bernabeu have never seen this level of quality. The magnificent stadium has yet to see real Eden Hazard.

    Nevertheless, the Belgian is happy with his club. He seems to be popular in the dressing room. He loves his family and lives in the Spanish capital. In the words of one figure close to him, he also “wants to give something back”.

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    Madrid has always been his dream as a club and Eden Hazard is still unfulfilled. He is very willing to demonstrate his true level.

    At the very least, Celtic Park got a glimpse of it Tuesday night. After a slow start as a substitute, Hazard picked up his momentum. He went through Celtic’s midfield to set up Luka Modric‘s goal before moving the ball to the right to score his own goal. It wasn’t a vintage hazard. But it could have been a sign for the future.

    Hazard feels much freer this time than he has in three years. His preseason was certainly the best of the period, making him look healthier. Neither was it an effect of coincidence nor from any more concerted effort.

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    Eden Hazard’s Injury and its Effect on His Career

    Eden Hazard removed the plate from his ankle in March and believed it was responsible for most of his muscle injuries. It was only exacerbated by the corona outbreak and the circumstances of his return to recovery in isolation. Not only was it the first serious injury of his career, but it presented a very difficult psychological challenge. It was probably the first time he fought for Hazard in his career. Even adapting to it was a lot of work.

    Having the plate off means he’s injury-free and mentally in the best shape he’s been in for a while. This will further be assisted by his goal against Celtic and many good moments to add to that. But Playmaker is in a tougher bind than he’s had to wriggle in the past.

    Normally Hazard needs more time to get up to speed, but Carlo Ancelotti can’t trust him on the wing until he’s back to that level. It only happens when Benzema is absent, which is very rare. Additionally, Ancelotti rarely deviates from his alternation pattern. All Eden Hazard can do now is move on.

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    Celtic would have helped. Hazard can still help Madrid. After all, it was a rare summer when Florentino Pérez, in order to sign Kylian Mbappe didn’t sign the attacking star.

    A rehabilitated Hazard could be a revelation for Madrid, giving them the additional elements they need, there’s still a long way to go. It was just Celtic. One of Europe’s biggest clubs he shouldn’t ignore. Compared to Real Madrid, they are one of the financially weaker clubs in the Champions League.

    If one were to look into Hazard to this Celtic squad and he’ll instantly become the best player on multiple levels. That’s why the 3-0 loss was no shame for Celtic, for all of Ange Postecoglou’s admirable tenacity in refusing to be cliche and insisting his team have to learn. 

    However, it is no doubt, Hazard requires more time. This was a beginning that ended with an end.

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