REVEALED: Randy Orton and Kane Have More WWE Losses Than Natalya, Triple H And Others

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    WWE is regarded as the biggest sports entertainment, thanks to its fans, which has eventually made it great over the years. And in this business, several icons and legends have come, created several records and have gifted us some mouth-watering matches, and entertained us throughout the days. On that note, one interesting thing to notice is that people follow the records and achievements of the WWE athletes, but they generally they don’t go for the other side.

    The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak, Roman Reigns’ title reigns, and John Cena’s 16 championships are some of the most discussed successful wrestlers of all time, but we rarely focus on their less successful side. However, on Twitter ahead of SummerSlam 2023, we came across the records of most losses, revealing that Randy Orton and Kane have experienced numerous defeats that may surprise you. Let’s take a closer look and find out more.

    Wrestlers like Kane, Randy Orton and Big Show hold records of most losses in WWE

    Anyone will indeed be surprised to see that wrestlers like Kane, Randy Orton, and big show have so many defeats during their tenure in the company. On Twitter, user ChanMan unveiled an interesting lineup of WWE wrestlers who have endured their fair share of setbacks in the ring, making them the most resilient contenders in WWE history.

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    And on that list, 1. The Miz – 1280 losses, 2. Kane – 1226 losses, 3. Brooklyn Brawler – 1201 losses, 4. Dolph Ziggler – 1187 losses, 5. Randy Orton – 1037 losses, 6. Big Show – 910 losses, 7. Cody Rhodes – 887 losses, 8. Sheamus – 876 losses, 9. Kofi Kingston – 866 losses, 10. Natalya – 847 losses, 11. Jack Swagger – 838 losses, 12. Triple H – 837 losses, 13. Chris Jericho – 835 losses, 14. Heath Slater – 805 losses, and on the 15, Matt Hardy with his 796 losses.

    To note, the list of most losses in WWE history provided by the user includes WWE house matches, which are not live events. Meanwhile, talking about Randy Orton and also the Big Red Machine Kane, he has an extensive wrestling career spanning decades and his record of the highest number of matches put him at risk of having the most losses.

    The Miz holds the record

    Surprisingly, the Miz who is a multi-time world champion officially holds the record for the most number of losses. He consistently has played the role of a heel in the company, and moreover a villain type thing, and has eventually worked on putting other wrestlers over himself, which has made him register more losses.

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    20220402 WM38 16x9 miz e4ef78cc3883bd49c00b6b047edfe07d
    Credits: WWE

    However, despite all these, seeing legends like the Big Show, Randy Orton Chris Jericho and Kane in this list is more surprising indeed. They have also been the world champions in the company in several occasions and have proved themselves as the greatest of all time. Seeing the greatest of all time register this amount of losses in the company always seems a bit different.

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