“Raising Dion (Season 2)”: Netflix reveals the new trailer of the Superhero series

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    The trailer of Netflix’s superhero series Raising Dion has been released. It was also one of the most unlikely hits of late 2019 and also has given a close look at the statistics, it is definitely one of the largest debut shows for the year also. There are near-instant renewals, Raising Dion Season 2 and it has been under development for a long time but finally will drop on Netflix globally on 1st February 2022.

    Raising Dion is mainly a Netflix Original superhero drama series and it revolves around the comic book series having the same name by the author Dennis Liu. This series was mainly adapted with a  short film in 2015 and has been gained a huge amount of online popularity. It just only has taken a couple of years later before Netflix has been ordered the series for themselves and it was back in 2017. Dennis Liu also had plenty of involvement in the production of Raising Dion, he has been directed an episode of the series and also has been served as an executive producer.

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    Raising Dion (Season 2): Renewal Status

    After waiting for a few months for debuting of season 1, Netflix has declared that Raising Dion would be coming back for the second season. It had been the first official renewal of Netflix of 2020. It has been seen that Carol Barbie would be coming back as the showrunner for Season 2. The executive producers are Michael B. Jordan, Kenny Goodman, Kim Roth, Dennis Liu, and Charles D. King’s Macro. It seems that the series has got instant popularity on Netflix. The IMDb rate of the series is 7.2/10. Recently, Raising Dion is at 61 out of 100. It is reported that 32millions households have been checked out Raising Dion just in the first weeks of the service.

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    Raising Dion (Season 2): Expectation

    From the ending of the cliffhanger it has been shown that who will be the enemy of Dion for going into Season 2, our teen superhero is still in need to find the way for bringing his father home for the good.

    There bare the young man who is still has a lot to learn about his powers, and if he becomes the superhero Dion then he has to face a lot of challenges along the way.

    If this series will run just for the hour season then it will definitely be fun to watch both the character and the actor grow into a young man.

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    Now the other big query is whether Nicole will be able to find love with there as the remnants of hope in the late and the final episode.

    Charlotte, Pat, and Mark have also been missing but will return in some form depending on the incidents that have been happened next.

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    In this Season 2, Dion has continued to hone his abilities with the support of his mother and Tevin,  his Biona trainer who has been catching the eye of Nicole. After just befriending the new student Brayden who is a fellow powered kid and also has a series of alarming events unfold, Dion has been learned that danger is still on the loom. It is contained with a twist, turns, and surprise, visitors, Dion and Nicole have been prevailed again to protect themselves, but the city is Atlanta.

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    On 14th December 2021, Netflix exposed the first look of the latest season.

    Raising Dion (Season 2): Episode Titles

     It has provided the press, that we are able to fun run you along with who was writing and directing Raising Dion with taking you through the episode  titles:

    • Episode 1: A Hero Returns
    • Episode 2: Sankofa
    • Episode 3: Monster Problem
    • Episode 4: With Friends Like These
    • Episode 5: You vs. Me
    • Episode 6: 36 Good Hours
    • Episode 7: World Without Mom
    • Episode 8: Who You Are
    raising dion season 2 episode titles

    Raising Dion (Season 2): Production Status

    The production of the series was started in January 2021 and is expected to be finished in July 2021. It has been stated that the production had not gotten underway under the original plan like it had been canceled due to the pandemic that has been inflicted such heavy delays on the productions. The production  had originally been starting at any point in 2020 with one Netflix states :


    #RaisingDion has officially been renewed for a second season, with production set to begin this year!!!”

     The entire production has been woes due to the COVID-19  situations that had significantly been pushed back. The production has been got underway in January 2021.

    After that, the entire production took place over the course of several months with such preliminary dates suggesting that the movie is taking place from 189th January through 24th May.

    This second season will once again start to film in Plants, Georgia mainly EUE Screens Gems Studios.

    There are many casting who have taken place in early February 2021 for the show as finding as to the extras.

    raising dion clap board season 2

    Richard Vialet posted on 25th April that he had been wrapped up all of his episodes on season 2 of the series. Dennis Liu also will come back to the seat of the director for season 2 and also has been scheduled to direct episodes 3 and 4. It has been expected to have the completed shooting but also provided how limited social activity of the show that we have not been confirmed. T has been known that this how has been listed on Georgia’s state website and is no longer present.

    Raising Dion (Season 2): Cast

     We are going to see many new cast members like Rome Flynn as Tevin Wakefield, Aubriana Davis as Janelle Carr, Tracey Bonner as Simone Carr, Josh Ventura as David Marsh. Rome Flynn had said on Twitter, “ I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. Honored to be part of another show with representation at the Forefront”.

    new cast members for raising dion season 2

    In late  February 2021, Netflix also exposed four new faces that would appear in Season 2 of Raising Dion. It includes

    • Rome Flynn: He appeared in How to Get Away with Murder who will play the role of Tevin Wakefield
    • Aubriana Davis: She appeared in Genius: Aretha and play Janelle Carr
    • Tracey Bonner: She appeared in Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias and play the role of Simeone Carr
    • Josh Ventura: He appeared in P-Valley and play the role of David Marsh.

    Raising Dion (Season 2): Other Details

    There is the only new member who will add to the cast declared as Jacqueline Cureton who is going to play the role of “ Upcoming Grandmother”.

    Darren Grant who had been working on The Chi, Queen of the South, and Wu-Gang An American Saga will be directing the two episodes of the second season.

    Here is the trailer:

    A big thanks for the source.

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