Pushpa The Rise Review: Allu Arjun Shines in the Enchanting Battle of Egos

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    Superstar Allu Arjun delivers a phenomenal performance in Pushpa The Rise. He grasps his deglamorized appearance and walks away with a stunner.

    Different from the other big-budget superficialities, the hero doesn’t have a respectable family background in this movie. The hero, portrayed by a splendid Allu Arjun, is not afflicted with the responsibility of living up to his family’s culture or history. It’s the absence of family support that drives him to dare in this movie.

    Pushpa The Rise Review: Allu Arjun Drops Stunner

    The movie narrates the story of Pushpa Raj, an outcast. Born out of Wedlock, he faces huge disrespect and is destitute of his identity at a very early age. Now, his name is valueless in the hill town, Seshachalam. Struck by this disgrace, Pushpa takes an oath that his name will be significant someday, without his family’s or father’s support.

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    Pushpa is born in Seshachalam-the land of Red Gold, blessed with adequate rare wood. A terrific crime syndicate led by Mangalam Srinu (Sunil) oversees the unauthorized cutting of trees to transport and smuggle them globally through the sea route. Pushpa starts at the very bottom of this assembled crime.

    Pushpa’s destiny starts to change as he rapidly gets money and power through his never-give-up ability. The story is not just about how the hero makes an identity with muscle power and great thinking. But it also depicts the scenario of a deeply prejudiced, caste-biased society.

    Pushpa The Rise: A Sensational Work by Sukumar

    The movie is the second consecutive one for the director, where the hero doesn’t hail from the respectable family background. The storytelling is even bold in this film. Allu Arjun walks away with a stunner embracing his look. Rashmika Mandana gets it gracefully and happily eases at his company.

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