PUBG: Battlegrounds and McLaren joins hands to bring new Vehicles to the Game

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    Just in time for the 19.2 updates, Krafton has partnered with British automaker McLaren Automotive to deliver the McLaren GT to PUBG. The 19.2 updates will introduce new material to the game in addition to the new car skins, such as a new weather system for Deston, a new vehicle, and more.

    The McLaren GT vehicle skins will be available to PC users from September 7 to November 2, while console players can have the skin from September 15 to November 10. Players can obtain the McLaren GT Standard-Onyx Black, which comes with a car skin, outfit, gear, emote, and more, as a way to honor the partnership, from in-game McLaren Loot Caches. The new vehicle interaction feature will then allow them to equip the McLaren Skins for automobiles.

    Players will be able to make the following vehicle skins workshop when McLaren tokens are used:

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    • McLaren GT Standard – Silica White
    • “McLaren GT Elite – Volcano Yellow

    They will also have the opportunity to craft their own McLaren vehicles. Here are some of the customizations players can do in the workshop:

    • Vehicle colors
    • Brake calipers
    • Wheels

    A driveable McLaren will be available in unique car containers that may be opened by anyone who purchases any McLaren vehicle skins in the pre-game lobby. As soon as the match begins, the McLaren containers and trucks will be taken out of the arena.

    Players will be able to drive the Not-So-Friendly Neighborhood Food Truck in Deston, a new driving environment. The new vehicle has a sizable vertical window on one side and can accommodate up to four passengers. In addition, Deston will soon get a new weather system that will improve the game’s lighting and weather realism.

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    New animations will be included in the 19.2 patches to improve the game’s performance. As part of the 19.2 updates, players will also have access to the Heavy Stock, which has less recoil but slows down the ADS time.

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