PUBG Mobile Cracks Down on Cheaters: Over 333,000 Accounts Banned!

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    PUBG Mobile : In a bold move against unfair play, PUBG Mobile has taken decisive action against cheaters, banning a staggering 333,000 accounts in their latest crackdown. As the battle against cheating intensifies, PUBG Mobile’s BanPan report for January 26th to February 1st reveals a massive eviction of malicious actors, reaffirming the game’s commitment to fair and competitive gameplay.

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    Let’s have a look into more details : PUBG Mobile Cracks Down on Cheaters

    The BanPan report unveils the permanent suspension of over 333,000 accounts and 11,192 devices, targeting individuals utilizing unauthorized programs, modifications, or exploits to gain an unfair advantage. This sweeping ban wave sends a clear message that PUBG Mobile is dedicated to upholding the integrity of the gaming experience by eliminating cheating in all its forms.

    PUBG Mobile’s efforts extend beyond individual cheaters as they actively tackle the source of the problem. In addition to banning accounts, the team identified and removed 1,432 online cheat advertisements during the same period. By disrupting the ecosystem that enables cheating, PUBG Mobile not only punishes violators but also makes it harder for new cheaters to emerge, safeguarding the fairness of the game for all players.

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    Through regular #BanPan reports, PUBG Mobile demonstrates transparency and accountability in their fight against cheating. By providing players with tangible evidence of actions taken, PUBG Mobile fosters trust and confidence in the game’s competitive integrity. Moreover, these reports serve as a deterrent, reminding players of the consequences associated with attempting to gain an unfair advantage.

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    As PUBG Mobile continues its relentless pursuit of fair gameplay, the recent crackdown on cheaters marks a significant milestone in their ongoing battle against unfair play. With over 333,000 accounts banned and a proactive approach to combating cheating at its source, PUBG Mobile remains committed to providing a level playing field for all players. As the gaming community stands united against cheating, PUBG Mobile’s efforts serve as a testament to their dedication to creating an enjoyable and equitable gaming environment.


    1. How does PUBG Mobile identify cheaters?

      PUBG Mobile uses in game monitoring and advanced anti cheat technology to detect cheaters.

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    2. Can banned players appeal their suspension?

      Yes, players can appeal bans through the official PUBG Mobile website.

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