PSG to Afford a High Price In Case of the Renewal of Mbappe

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    Paris Saint Germain are keen on sorting out Kylian Mbappe’s future. For the same, they will need to afford a high price to renew his deal for another year. The French star player’s contract ends this year and losing such a talent might not be suitable for the club. Mbappe’s long term wish to play for Real Madrid is open to everyone. However, the French star is ready to be a part of PSG for the short term, opening the doors to a new deal. But, things might be complicated for PSG as they will wish to receive a transfer fee when he moves on to another club.

    Another issue for the club is, Mbappe’s contract is typically a higher one as compared to other top-earning players in the squad. The reason is, Mbappe is tied to the French tax system, while foreign players who spent less than eight years in the country, do not pay all their taxes to the government.

    Release Clause Issue

    Mbappe desires that PSG gets the transfer money if possible. However, he isn’t ready to be a part of their unrealistic valuation. These kinds of release clauses are illegal in France. This signifies Mbappe will be more willing to sign a short-term deal and that might create the same problematic scenario, this time next year.

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    Monaco’s Money

    From Mbappe’s sale, they will be due 35 million euros, claim Monaco. There’s no presence of informal agreement between the involved parties. Therefore seeing a scenario, where Mbappe signs a long-term deal with PSG. Therefore, a free transfer to the Bernabeu could still be possible, but later in summer 2023. Fans will be anxious and excited to see how the calculations are done and how things get executed.

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