Project LLL: NCSOFT announces its new Open-World game with new Gameplay Footage

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    The first gameplay footage for South Korean company NCSoft’s new massively multiplayer online third-person shooter, Project LLL, has been released. The gaming corporation has previously disclosed that it was creating a variety of games in 2022 to diversify its portfolio. NCSoft is best known for creating MMORPGs such as Guild Wars 2, the venerable but long-gone City of Heroes, and the Lineage game series.

    Many of these well-known games were created by one of NCSoft’s numerous subsidiaries, including ArenaNet, the company behind Guild Wars 2, and Destination Games, which was originally Carbine Studios, Paragon Studios, and Richard and Robert Garriott’s Destination Games. Project LLL, one of the business’s planned games, has now started to receive some information from the company, though it’s unclear which developer is in charge.

    A nine-minute gameplay trailer, a dev talk video, and an interview with project lead Seeder Jaehyun Bae, who offered more information on the game, have all been made available by NCSoft. Project LLL, a AAA third-person MMO shooter that is currently scheduled for release in 2024, represents a surprising departure from the company’s usual RPG fare. Bae claims that NCSoft wants to establish a completely new genre that is distinct from the looter shooters and battle royale games that are currently available.

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    According to Bae, Project LLL can be correctly described as a subgenre of alternative history where a “specific event” has caused things to happen differently from reality. It was created using Unreal Engine 5 and will have a sci-fi backdrop.

    The developer gives hints about the timelines players can anticipate encountering in the game by mentioning the 23rd century and the Byzantine Empire of the 10th century in the interview.

    The crew conducted travels to survey and photograph real-world locations including Gwanghwamun Building Forest and Gyeongbokgung Palace, which were subsequently modified to represent the game’s alternate setting, according to Bae, who says that the gameplay clip depicts several areas of Seoul, Korea. Regarding additional sources of inspiration that viewers might detect or experience in Project LLL, Bae personally mentions The Foundation by Asimov, Dune by Frank Herbert, and sci-fi books by Philip K. Dick like Blade Runner and Total Recall.

    Players in Project LLL will collaborate and compete in an open-world setting that spans more than 30 kilometers of space. It is unclear exactly what this means, and Bae has stated that the development team is still working to address any technical challenges that may arise from using this technology in an online setting, but the content will be procedurally generated and “react appropriately to the player’s situation” to eliminate repetition.

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